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    People Are Sharing The Most Bizarre Fan Theories They've Ever Heard About A TV Show Or Movie

    "None of the Rugrats actually exist."

    Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community about their favourite weird movie and TV fan theories. Here are some of the best suggestions:

    1. Dr Heinz "Doof" Doofenshmirtz is Phineas’s father in Phineas and Ferb.

    Disney–ABC Domestic Television

    "Linda Flynn-Fletcher and Doof went on a date before she met Ferb’s dad, they slept together, and she became pregnant with Phineas. They have the same face shape and hair!"


    2. Bob's Burgers is about Bob coping with the death of his family.


    "Linda died, and Bob bought the place next to where they held her funeral. The three accidents in the opening credits are how each of his children died – Louise died in a fire, Gene is bitten by a rat and dies of an infection, and Tina is crushed by a falling utility pole. Each time Bob re-opens he goes a little crazier, and the show is all about his wishful hallucinations."


    3. In Beauty and the Beast, the enchantress is Belle’s mother.

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    "Although she dies when Belle is a child, she wants to guarantee Belle will be happy in her adult life, so she curses a prince to be the Beast, and sets into motion the events that will bring her daughter and her true love together."


    4. Riverdale doesn't exist, it's just Jughead writing a story.

    The CW


    "What if Betty is just a figment of Jughead's imagination that he uses to cope with his loneliness? And Archie is a kid from his childhood whom he never really knew but he still idolised, which is why he's such a predictable character."


    5. Jar Jar Binks is a Sith Lord.

    20th Century Fox

    "He appears to be a bumbling idiot, but somehow everything always works out for him. The battle droids chasing him always end up destroyed and he even takes out a battle tank! Nobody seems to really like him, and yet he somehow gets elected to be a senator, which hints at some Jedi mind control?"


    6. Spencer from iCarly is actually Crazy Steve from Drake & Josh.


    "Which means Carly is actually Megan, and Steve kidnapped her after murdering her whole family."


    7. None of the babies in Rugrats actually exist.


    "They were all a figment of Angelica's fevered imagination, bolstered by years of neglect."


    "Chuckie died with his mother, which explains why his father is so nervous; Tommy was still born, which explains why his father was always in the basement making toys for the son he never had. Finally, the DeVilles had an abortion, and because Angelica never found out the sex of the baby, she invented twins in her head – one boy and one girl!"


    8. In Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Lillian is Titus's biological mother.


    "When Titus arrived in New York, Lillian instantly bonded with him, knowing instinctively that Titus was her son. She is also much more lenient with him than most landlords are with their tenants, and Lillian has even described Titus as like her child!"


    9. Frozen, Tangled, and The Little Mermaid are all interrelated.

    Buena Vista Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    "In the first Frozen movie, we see Rapunzel and Flynn attend Queen Elsa's coronation, and we also learn about the death of Anna and Elsa’s parents aboard a ship that sunk. The ship is later shown much closer up in Frozen 2, and it looks very similar to the one Ariel finds under the sea!"


    10. In Pretty Little Liars, Aria was actually A.

    ABC Family / Freeform

    "In the first episode, Aria returns from a year of schooling abroad and the mysterious messages start soon after. There are SO many subtle hints throughout the show that she is A, and at one point we're lead to believe she has a dissociative identity. I honestly think the writers planned for it to happen that she was A, but they scrapped it when it became too popular a theory."


    11. Snowpiercer is the sequel to Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

    Paramount Pictures, The Weinstein Company

    "Snowpiercer takes place in the same universe as Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and includes some of its characters."


    "I was skeptical at first but there’s a whole YouTube series on it and it completely convinced me! The characters are analogues for each other – Wilford is Charlie, Minister Mason is Veruca Salt – and the themes are similar. Most telling of all is the fact that the musical epithets in Snowpiercer are minor versions of those in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.


    12. Seasons four to six of Glee were a figment of Tina Cohen-Chang's imagination.


    "At the end of season three, Tina falls into a fountain and hits her head super hard. Afterwards, Tina gets a lot more recognition within New Directions and is even offered a solo at a competition. She also gets into an Ivy League school. As for the other characters, everything comes super easy to them – almost ridiculously easy. Rachel lands the lead in her very first broadway audition, but then quits, which is so out of character for her. Long story short, seasons four-six are so ridiculous that it's plausible Tina is making them all up."


    13. Ross lost custody of Ben in Friends.


    "Ross never sees his son Ben in the later seasons of Friends because he actually lost custody of him after his post-marriage mental breakdown/leave of absence from work."


    14. The main cast of Seinfeld actually died in the last episode.


    "The main characters were actually in a plane crash and died in the last episode, instead of the plane straightening out and landing safely. Then, the following 'good samaritan' trial was actually them being judged on who could go to Heaven and who would be sent to Hell."


    15. Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender is descended from the Air Nomads.


    "She doesn't look like most of the fire benders – she has grey eyes and is super light on her feet. I wouldn’t be surprised if she used some air bending in her acrobat moves without even knowing it. She also believes in the spiritual side of the universe which is an important part of the Air Nomad lifestyle."


    16. In Mean Girls, Regina George actually did die, but Cady acted like she didn’t out of guilt.

    Paramount Pictures

    "That's why she saw the 'new plastics' at the end, and why she saw Regina wherever she went. It’s also why, at the prom scene, everyone cheers when Cady tosses them pieces of the tiara but nobody claps when Regina catches hers and even waves at the crowd – because nobody but Cady can see her!"


    17. The briefcase in Pulp Fiction contains Marcellus Wallace’s soul.

    Miramax Films

    "It makes sense with the glowing, the 666 combination to get in, the mysterious band aid on the back of Marcellus's neck, and I guess all the scripture stuff too!"


    18. All of the Pixar films exist within the same universe.

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    "It begins with Brave in the 14th century, and ends with Monsters Inc. in the year 5000. It's actually a really well thought out and interesting theory!"


    19. Agent Coulson is Captain America’s son.

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    "Think about it!"


    20. Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy is still alive.


    "He was forced to fake his death because he wanted to get out of the job he had but they wouldn’t let him. But he’s coming back in a future season!"


    21. Loki is NoobMaster69 in Avengers: Endgame.

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


    "I love this because it means Loki is still alive! Also, I can't believe they killed him right after he had a major breakthrough in his character arc."


    22. Prue died back in season one, wayyy before her "actual" exit in season three of Charmed.

    The WB

    "She died in the episode 'Which Prue Is It Anyway' when she switched sweaters with one of her clones, and that's why Leo couldn't heal her when the clone died later on."


    23. Supernatural ends how it begins, in Sam's college dorm.

    The WB

    "At the very end of the show, it cuts to Sam waking up next to Jess in his college dorm and Gabriel in the room saying – 'that’s what will happen if you go with Dean.' Then we hear Dean break into the apartment like he does in the pilot."


    24. Jack Dawson from Titanic is a time traveller.

    Paramount Pictures

    "He went back in time to stop Rose from killing herself. The proof is that he mentions Lake Wissota and the roller coaster at Santa Monica Pier – neither of which existed at the time of the Titanic – he has absolutely no money, and his hairstyle and knapsack don't fit the style of the period either."


    "Literally all signs point to this. If Rose had jumped off the ship it would likely have stopped and searched for her, which would alter history's timeline and stop the Titanic from sinking. Another thing is that there was enough room on the raft for Rose and Jack, but Jack knew he couldn't stay. The only way he could bring himself to leave Rose, who he had accidentally fallen in love with, was to fake his own death."


    25. And lastly, this little gem – Harry Potter is Voldemort’s son who the Potters kidnapped.

    Warner Bros.

    "Source – my eight year old daughter."


    Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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