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    The Contestants For "Too Hot To Handle" Season Two Have Been Announced – Here They Are In All Their Glory

    Well I know who I fancy.

    If you love competitive dating shows set in beautiful locations with lots of gorgeous people, then you'll be glad to know that Too Hot To Handle is back this month!


    For those not in the know, the series basically traps horny singles in a luxury villa and forbids them from having any sexual contact of any kind with each other, lest they deplete the prize money at the end of the series. I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty entertaining.

    Last year's season was an unexpected hit (I mean, we were all having the worst time of our lives, so we needed to live vicariously though somebody). So it should come as no surprise that Netflix has banded together a brand new bunch of hot, horny reprobates to compete for $100,000!


    This time, ten contestants from around the world were flown to the Turks and Caicos Islands to take part in the show.

    So who is competing this year, I hear you cry! Well, allow me to introduce...

    1. Cam

    Netflix/@camholmess / Via

    Age: 24

    Profession: Model and Personal Trainer

    From: Wales, UK

    Cam seems pretty chill and describes himself as a "sexy nerd" – I guess we'll have to wait and see whether that means he loves Lord of the Rings, or he just occasionally wears glasses to change up his look. He's also got good game, so I think he's gonna attract a lot of people in the villa. Shame he can't do anything about it though.

    Follow him on Instagram.

    2. Carly

    Netlix/@carlylawrence_ / Via

    Age: 24

    Profession: Model

    From: Toronto, Canada

    In her own words, Carly hates being told what do and is a total man-eater, so I think she's really gonna breeze through this competition. I'm getting a lowkey Kesha vibe from her look, and so far she seems pretty laid-back. Like, I-don't-really-give-a-shit-if-I-make-everyone-lose-the-money laid-back, if you catch my drift.

    Follow her on Instagram.

    3. Melinda

    Netflix/@melinda_melrose / Via

    Age: 28

    Profession: Model

    From: New York, USA

    Melinda, by comparison, has no chill. But at least she's fun to watch – her talking heads are already the best of all of them! Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Melinda comes from a huge family of sixteen siblings, so she's no stranger to sharing a house with a ton of people and hardly ever getting what she wants.

    Follow her on Instagram.

    4. Peter

    Netflix/@petervigilante / Via

    Age: 21

    Profession: Personal trainer

    From: New York, USA

    Peter is annoyingly Gen-Z, by which I mean he has a TikTok following and cute curtains (bangs). When he's not receiving 100-200 DMs a day from admirers, Peter works out and tells other people how to work out. He's also into astrology, but I'm not sure what his star sign is yet, so there's a reason to watch already!

    Follow him on Instagram.

    5. Kayla

    Netflix/@kaylajean.official / Via

    Age: 26

    Profession: Model and bartender

    From: Florida, USA

    Okay, I'm gay, but Kayla is STUN-NING. No wonder she's making hella tips when she bartends. She seems like she might be a bit of a wallflower, but that could also be her strict upbringing holding her back. I intuitively feel like I could see her with Peter, but WHO KNOWS!

    Follow her on Instagram.

    6. Nathan

    Netflix/@nathankwebb / Via

    Age: 27

    Profession: Former stripper

    From: Texas, USA

    Nathan grew up in the UK but moved to Texas for work, which explains his kind of weird accent (it's a fun accent, though). He definitely seems keen to lock down a lady during his Too Hot To Handle experience, and he isn't afraid to whip out his impressive worm in order to arouse his fellow contestants. It's a dance move, people.

    Follow him on Instagram.

    7. Marvin

    Netflix/@marvin.anthony_ / Via

    Age: 26

    Profession: Model and influencer

    From: Paris, France

    Ummmm, who knew they made men this good-looking? This guy can butter my croissant any day of the damn week! And he's not just a pretty face – Marvin has a masters degree in finance, is a semi-pro basketball player, and has his own business. Sac magique!!

    Follow him on Instagram.

    8. Larissa

    Netflix/@larissa_trownson / Via

    Age: 28

    Profession: Lawyer

    From: Auckland, New Zealand

    Larissa is bringing the thunder from Down Under! She's a law graduate who describes herself as the "real life Legally Blonde"... get it? Cos she's blonde and a lawyer. She seems like fun – the best thing about her so far is how she pronounces certain things. Look out for words like "sex", "dick", and "best", not necessarily in that exact order.

    Follow her on Instagram.

    9. Emily

    Netflix/@emilyfayemillerr / Via

    Age: 27

    Profession: Model

    From: London, UK

    NGL, Emily's my favourite of the bunch so far. She just seems like a good-time gal not out to take anything too seriously – and you can't get mad at that! Appazza, Emily has no interest in commitment and isn't afraid to break a few hearts – I wish I had her self-confidence!

    Follow her on Instagram.

    10. Chase

    Netflix/@chasedemoor / Via

    Age: 24

    Profession: Athlete

    From: Arizona, USA

    Last but not least, we have Chase – a tall, bassy professional football player with a sex-drive that's through-the-roof, or so he says. You gotta love how much bravado this guy has! He also definitely knows how to make a move; pity he won't be able to "touchdown" this entire summer! 

    Follow him on Instagram.

    Here is the trailer for the series if you'd like to know more!

    View this video on YouTube

    You can catch the first four episodes of Too Hot To Handle season two on Netflix on 23rd June! The next five to ten episodes will then be released a week later on 30th June. And make sure you check out the Too Hot To Handle: Extra Hot companion show on YouTube every Friday!

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