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    22 Things That Are Relatable To People Who Stay Up Past 1am

    I should've been born a vampire.

    1. You always say, "Tonight's the night I'll get to bed early!"

    Rosanna Pansino / Via Giphy

    It's time to be the real adult I always aspired to be!

    2. But somehow, you find distractions that keep you up all night.

    me: omg brain pls chill. it's 3am. tired. need 2 sleep. brain: installing update 6 of 87,381 please do not power off or unplug your machine


    I mean, when else am I going to clear out all my unused mugs?

    3. You've been down a few Wikipedia wormholes in your time.

    Sam Cleal / Buzzfeed / Via Wikipedia

    How did I go from "Marilyn Monroe" to "white slavery" to "charismatic megafauna"?

    4. And you've definitely finished an entire TV series in one night before.

    20th Century Fox


    5. And had a marathon wank.

    @faithchoyce / Via Twitter

    RIP, Tumblr.

    6. If you've spent the evening around people, you feel like you deserve a little "me time."

    Warner Bros. / Via Tumblr

    Sorry, I am expected to just go to bed without having decompressed and watched 30 YouTube videos!?

    7. And you could give a fuck if that “me time” steps on hours of valuable sleep your body needs.

    Me: Im tired goodnight Also me: *Scrolls timeline* *checks insta* *checks snapchat* *watches 4 youtube videos* *makes entire meal*

    Ah, the old adage: "I'll sleep when the WiFi is broken."

    8. Sometimes you check FB, Snap, or Insta for other night owls to talk to.

    Sony Pictures Television

    "You up...?"

    9. And when you're bored with that, you close it, only to open it again 30 minutes later.

    Shih-wei / Via Getty Images

    Oh, Jessica's still "loving life" at Disneyland, I see.

    10. You've noticed that time seems to move faster between the hours of 1 and 5am.

    Playster845 / Via

    I swear it was 1:10am when I last looked at the clock and somehow — 10 minutes later — it's 2:20am?!

    11. Although you can be super productive in those early hours.

    Roc Nation

    So far this morning, I've put away all my clothes, shaved my entire body, and reorganised all of the folders on my laptop!

    12. Whenever you need to pee, you tiptoe around naked because no one else is awake.

    Warner Bros. / Via Giphy

    That you know of 👀

    13. Sometimes you do weird stuff like stare out the window at the moon or sit on your couch in the darkness.

    South_agency / Via Getty Images

    You're still naked, of course.

    14. And you begin to question your very existence.


    If I drove off into the wilderness and never came back, would anything really change?

    15. Back in bed, you start to count down how many hours of sleep you would get if you went to sleep at that precise moment.


    Four hours is enough, right?

    16. And after a while, you decide it's too late to go to sleep anyway.

    Might as well power through!

    17. You love feeling like you're the only person in the world.


    It's like being on "Do Not Disturb" but IRL!

    18. And that is when you realise the true joy of being alone.

    I’ve met a lot of people in my life and let me tell you, we’re all a bit much.

    I haven't spoken to anyone in eight hours and I LOVE it!

    19. When birds start to sing outside, you know you've stayed up a little too late.

    Warner Bros. / Via Giphy

    Shut up, birds!

    20. And when you hear someone get up and go to work, that's when you realise what a mistake you've made.

    The Orchard Films

    **Recalls the "shame" scene from Game of Thrones**

    21. When you eventually sleep and wake up in the morning, you HATE yourself for how tired you are.

    Sam Cleal/Buzzfeed

    NEVER again! (Probably again.)

    22. But guess what — you do it all again that evening 'cos it's so fucking worth it!

    Summit Entertainment / Via Sam Cleal/Buzzfeed

    FUCK 👏SLEEP 👏!!

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