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    I'm Sorry, But Here's Everything Wrong With "The Politician" And A Few Reasons Why It Slaps

    What is the big deal re "throuples"?

    I'm not sure if I'm alone on this, but Ryan Murphy's Netflix show The Politician is a weird one for me. Like, half of me likes it and half of me finds it hella problematic, which I guess reflects how the first season was a critical flop but a popular hit. Anyways, here are my thoughts:

    1. The sexually fluid characters in the show are an obvious win.

    2. But the way the entire series sort of glorifies how the privileged set can and do gain a leg up in the political world, is a little tone-deaf to me.

    3. The cast is straight-up amazing, and features a host of proper superstars as well as a myriad of lesser known but equally brilliant actors.

    The official poster from The Politician shows illustrated likenesses of several characters and visual motifs from the show including Judith Light, Bette Midler, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Ben Platt whose names are written across the poster

    4. But I'm sorry, when are three students as sharp and assiduous as Payton, McAfee, and James?

    A image from The Politician showing Macafee, James, and Payton sitting on the floor against some bookshelves. Macafee wears a yellow blazer and James wears a red shirt, they both looking at payton in a black sweater looking nervous

    5. You know what is undeniably great though? Gwyneth Paltrow's kaftans.

    A split image made up of stills from The Politician showing Gwyneth Paltrow with her long blonde hair wearing two red kaftans in first two images, and a green katfan in the third image

    6. And Judith's hair.

    A still from The Politician showing Judith Light as Dede Standish sitting in a very white living room with a fire and a glass of wine looking into the camera. She wears a white dress and has perfectly blown out hair

    7. And Bette's incredible timing and physical comedy, which recently earned her an Emmy nom!

    8. But did the portrayal of the "throuple" annoy anyone else? Like, why does William turn on Dede and Marcus as soon as he gets out of a relationship with them? It's not like the desire to be polygamous is a tap you turn on and off.

    A split image from The Politician showing William on a boat saying i love you, and then in the image below he stands in an office and says to Dede and Marcus I'm never gonna be anything more than a third wheel with the two of you

    9. And while we're on that, WHY was the throuple such a big deal?

    A split image from The Politician showing Payton in a black jacket and white turtleneck in a limo saying reminder, she was in a throuple and I have evidence, and then Dede sits in the same limo in a white suit and says you really are an evil little troll

    10. I really like, however, the idea that River is this perfect, moral shining light... and he's not even real.

    11. And the parody of Gwyneth's character, Georgina, almost being like a left-wing Trump is highly entertaining.

    12. But the way Ben Platt's character Payton stands against Dede Standish like she's some corrupt tyrant doesn't make sense to me.

    A split image from The Politician showing three characters each praising Dede Standish saying things like she's not a corrupt politician, she's clean, and she's a liberal new yorker with a lifetime of experience and she takes care of small businesses

    13. And WHY ON EARTH would nearly every prominent character from series one drop everything to help Payton run for state senate?

    A still from The Politician showing Payton from behind walking into his dorm room and several characters sitting and waiting for him including Macafee, James, Sky, and Alice in a wedding dress

    14. There's a frustrating scene in which Skye has to teach everyone about cultural appropriation.

    15. But then there's also a refreshing scene in which Astrid and Alice discuss their respective pregnancies and what they want to do.


    We all know that abortion can be a polarising issue, and this moment gave us two women choosing what to do for themselves and not for anyone else.

    16. Infinity in season one and Infinity in season two seem to be completely different and unrelated people.

    17. But we love to see her doing the absolute most for the environment.

    18. The show is a little afraid to a call a bisexual... a bisexual.

    A split image from The Politician showing 3 images - 1 is of Macafee and her new boyfriend who are embracing, another is of Hadassah and William hugging, and the last image shows Payton with Alice and their child hugging

    19. Alice is waaaay too changeable and inconsistent for my liking.

    20. And Andrew, a character with cerebral palsy, was painted to be the absolute worst.

    A still from The Politician showing Andrew sitting down in Payton's office against a red and mahogany wall in a blue suit saying I'll tell them you suck and I hate you because I do

    21. But the way Infinity shut down Andrew's obsession with her was pretty inspiring.

    A split image from The Politician showing Infinity in a restaurant saying when you text a girl you should think is this a normal thing to do and when she texts back I'm sorry I'm not interested that should be the end of it, you my friend are cancelled

    22. We love to see the way the shows lifts up women – Dede Standish for Vice President and Georgina Hobart for President? YAS!

    A still from The Politician showing Georgina and Dede both on Facetime talking to one another. Georgina wears a blue blouse and sits in front of a window while Dede wears glasses and a turtleneck. The phones show three icons for hang up, mute, and camera

    23. But I'm not sure about Payton's singing intervals. Ben Platt has a banging voice, but do we need all those musical numbers? I'm actually open for discussion on this one...

    What are your opinions on The Politician? Let me know in the comments below.