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    22 Things Men Do That Aren't Sexual, But Are Actually Hot AF

    When that T-shirt comes up and you see the stomach DAYUM.

    1. When he smells good.

    TBS / Via

    And you wonder just how many times you can lean in before it's too weird.

    2. When he slings a towel over his shoulder.

    3. When he can BBQ/cook.

    Point Grey Pictures / Via

    UGH grill my buns zaddy.

    4. When his eyebrow game is 👌

    Frazer Harrison / Via Getty Images

    I die for a pair of big thick ones.

    5. When he has a good singing voice.

    Bryan / Via

    Play me like that guitar, stud.

    6. When he has lovely big hands.

    Island Records / Via

    All the better to hold you with.

    7. When he has big veiny arms.

    8. When you catch him reading.

    9. When he wears a suit.

    Feedough / Via Getty Images

    He look good in it, he look good out of it...

    10. When he's tall AF!

    ABC / Via

    I bet your head brushes the ceiling in a bungalow, doesn't it?

    11. When he's short and stacked.

    Color Force / Via

    And big where it counts...❤️

    12. When his tee rides up.

    13. When his sense of humour is on point.

    Deedle-Dee Productions / Via

    *That feeling when he makes you laugh and you realise you love him.*

    14. When he rolls up his sleeves.

    @trillmagnolia @GeekSoulBrother Roll up their shirt sleeves.

    Treat me like a sleeve and roll me into oblivion.

    15. When he acts all fatherly.

    Gavin Thomas / Via

    We stan a DILF.

    16. When he loves dogs.

    17. When he has a big appetite.

    BTS / Via

    Dayum boy you eat everything so well?

    18. When he has a problem with authority.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    It's a cliché but we all love a bad boy.

    19. When his calves are bulky AF!

    Ibrakovic / Getty Images

    Stamp all over my heart boy.

    20. When he is emotionally intelligent.

    Sam Cleal / Via Buzzfeed

    Predict my moods and I'll butter your muffin.

    21. When his grammar is indisputable.

    Carolus-durand / Via Facebook: classicalartmemes

    Murder my vagage already.

    22. When he strokes his beard or jawline.


    Does he look that good stroking other things...

    What are YOUR non-sexual turn ons? Comment below.