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    The Competition Completely Flipped This Week In "RuPaul's Drag Race UK"

    "Baga Chipz – more like Baga Shite!"

    It's week five of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, and for the main challenge the girls were tasked with forming girl groups!

    Guy Levy/BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC

    All of the girls – and I mean ALL of them – were clearly excited for this challenge. Expectations weighed heavily on Cheryl Hole and The Vivienne as the dancer and singer of the season, respectively. But how did they fare?

    We also got the reading challenge this week!

    BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC

    Best reads IMO:

    – "Baga Chipz – more like Baga Shite!" – Divina De Campo.

    – "Divina, I love your work on the telly but my favourite show you've done is The Grand National [horse noise]." – Cheryl Hole.

    – "Blu, the best makeup you've done is painting on that innocent look every week." – Cheryl Hole.

    Crystal threw the "best shade" and won the mini challenge. She picked The Vivienne and Cheryl Hole for her group, while Blu, Divina, and Baga Chipz formed a second girl group.

    BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC

    Crystal obvs picked Viv and Chezza because of their girl band prowess but, as Baga pointed out, that strategy left her vulnerable to being overshadowed. They became "Filth Harmony". Baga was stuck feeling left out and formed underdog group "The Frock Destroyers" with Blu Hydrangea and Divina De Campo.

    They each wrote verses about themselves to fit the song "Break Up (Bye Bye)" – an absolute BOP in the vein of Little Mix.

    Guy Levy/BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC

    It seemed like Cheryl and The Vivienne were pushing ahead with their verses, while Crystal was NOT the one. The other team were much more evenly matched, with Baga being her usual charming trashy self, Blu pulling out more "Dirty Mary Berry" crudity, and Divina serving pure Mariah with some supreme whistle tones.

    Later, in the workroom, things got political – in a good way!

    BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC

    Divina talked through Section 28 – a law introduced in the UK by Margaret Thatcher which banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools and local authorities. Blu, Crystal, and The Vivienne also talked about bullying experiences at school, which seemed to really bring the group all together ❤️🏳️‍🌈

    On the runway, the girls lip-synced to their recorded tracks with Baga, Divina, and Cheryl turning the party up to 🔥

    BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC

    This was actually really good! There was a clear winner in "The Frock Destoyers", but everyone did all right. Get out there and listen to "Break Up (Bye Bye)", y'all.

    However, frontrunner in the competition – The Vivienne – totally faded into the background, surprising everybody!

    BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC

    The Vivienne claimed she nailed it in rehearsals, but on the main stage she unfortunately missed the mark along with Crystal. Sadly, her performance couldn't have been further away from last week's incredible Trump impression.

    The theme for the runway was "A Day At The Races".

    Guy Levy/BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC

    Otherwise known as "Ascot" fashion (other racing days out are available). Divina, Crystal, and Baga rated highly, while the judges thought The Vivienne and Cheryl looked pedestrian. Shout out to Jade Thirlwall for describing Divina as "Ariana Grand-National realness".

    The critiques got everybody suuuuuuper emotional.

    BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC

    Who didn't cry in this episode?? Cheryl got emotional about loving girl bands – something we've all cried over – while Baga cried over her good feedback. Back in the workroom, Crystal and The Vivienne were distraught about being placed in the bottom two.

    In a Drag Race herstory FIRST, three contestants tied for first place!

    BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC

    Baga, Blu, and Divina all won Ru-Peter badges, pushing Baga into pole position with three badges in total. I think Divina could've won by herself – I guess they over-ordered on the badges.

    Crystal and The Vivienne ended up in the bottom.

    BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC

    In a shock twist, The Vivienne, who forgot to lip sync during the challenge, was put up for elimination. Joining her was Crystal whose dodgy choreo unfortunately made her stand out for all the wrong reasons.

    After another underwhelming lip sync, The Vivenne was saved and Crystal was sent home.

    BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC

    The girls lip synced to TOTAL TUNE "Power" by Little Mix in front of Jade. SPOILER: it was another load of stomping around on stage, pointing, and graceless rolling around. Sorry, gals, but the UK need to do better here!

    Next week, the queens will be creating ads for their own brands of bottled water.

    BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC

    I love an ad challenge – we've had some of our best lines from these type of challenges, let's be honest. Cue puns about water, anyone got any???

    Will Baga continue to kill it or will The Vivienne reclaim her place at the front of the pack? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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