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    14 Foods From Thanksgiving That I, A Brit, Wish We Had Over Here

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    It's no secret that Thanksgiving food is pretty excessive...

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    As a Brit, I'm often shooketh at what our American friends serve up on this most hallowed national holiday.

    But I gotta hand to you yanks, most of it looks bloody incredible!!

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    After writing this post, if ain't topped with marshmallows I don't want it!

    1. Take this sweet potato casserole with marshmallows, for instance. Delicious.

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    I mean, who thinks of layering mini marshmallows on top of potatoes? I would eat this bad boy for dinner AND dessert!

    2. And candied yams.

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    Pure carby yams coated and fried in sugar? Sign me the fuck up, America!

    3. Then there's deep fried turkey.

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    A new trend is to deep fry your turkey and I am SO on board. Come on Britain, we really need to step up our game!

    4. And rolls.

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    Why has the UK never thought to include beautiful soft buttery rolls in our roasts? There's nothing better with which to sop up your gravy!

    5. Look at this green bean casserole!

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    I care not for cream of mushroom, but the Americans god damn werked it OUT when they combined it with green beans and crispy onions. All this creamy deliciousness is killing me!

    6. And this cornbread.

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    Is it sweet, is it not who cares, Britain? Both crumbly and buttery and sometimes spicy if you add jalape簽o cornbread needs to start making a splash over this side of the Atlantic.

    7. Don't even get me started on honey glazed ham!


    We kind of have ham here, but not like in the US! They be glazing it with pineapple or honey butter and slow cooking that salty piece to perfection.

    8. With some stuffing.

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    Sorry but the US knows how to do stuffing wayyy better than we do! I'm talking stuffing with dried cranberries, caramelised onion, apples, pecans, even buttery croissant the list goes on!

    9. Sometimes there's mac 'n' cheese.

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    OMDS! Have we gone too far? I feel like this is too far... deliciously decadent mac 'n' cheese with a roast dinner? Oh, the things I'm learning from these Americans!

    10. And Brussels sprouts cooked with bacon and chestnuts.

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    I would actually eat sprouts if they were cooked with chestnuts/walnuts and bacon in the mix. Maybe even some lovely cranberries too?

    11. With a warming pumpkin soup.

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    Mmmm, thick, creamy, and autumnal I definitely think we need more pumpkin in British food. The fact we only use it for a Halloween decoration is a CRIME!

    12. Wash it all down with some sweet tea.

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    As if dinner wasn't rich enough, now it's time for this incredible mocktail of apple juice, cranberry juice, sugar, and pumpkin spice! It's that refreshing harvest flavour fit for all the family.

    13. And a slice of pecan pie.


    OMG I can't. Look how good it looks! A vanilla pecan filling baked in a homemade buttery crust. God damn it, I want some right now.

    14. Or maybe pumpkin pie... OR BOTH!

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    And finally, the Thanksgiving behemoth that is the sweet pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Someone tell me where to get this because the one I had was out of this world!

    Right, can we get Thanksgiving in the UK now please?!

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