Calling All Tall People – Here Are 17 Problems That Only We Get

    "You almost have to do a yoga position to take out a tenner."

    Hi, I'm Sam and I'm Ben! We're both tall, which means we have some similar life experiences.

    Ben, Sam and Lucia from BuzzFeed UK all pose against a wall to show their height difference – Ben and Sam are both above six foot meanwhile Lucia is 5 foot 2

    We chatted, and here are 17 things we could agree upon are common to the tall person lyf. These are just our takes, they're not necessarily universal...except they totally are.

    1. Every tall person knows that leg room is a ~huge~ issue.

    2. Sometimes, when you're at a gig, you feel super guilty about standing in front of other (smaller) people.

    3. There are a handful of phrases and comments that you're frankly sick of hearing.

    4. Baths (and sometimes showers) are a no go.

    The bobsleigh team from Cool Runnings all squished into a bath together to practice

    5. Clothes — and especially shoes — that actually fit can be difficult to find.

    Ross from friends wearing an undersized T-Shirt

    6. You live a double life as a supermarket assistant.

    7. Most mirrors in public places are NOT catered for tall folk.

    Guy stands in front of train mirror but you can't see his head

    8. And neither are 99% of countertops, tbh.

    Tall guy stands in kitchen cutting onions

    9. Even doorways can be tricky.

    10. You can forget stretching out in bed — it's the fetal position as default for us.

    Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf in Elf curled up across two beds sideways in the fetal position

    11. You think you look one way, but everyone else sees something else.

    12. Cashpoints are not a friend to tall people.

    13. If you're gay, people will assume you are top, which isn't always the case.

    14. And you can forget about being the little spoon, even if you want to be.

    15. Hugging anyone feels super...parental.

    16. The world and his wife will know you as "the tall one".

    17. And finally, you'll always be relegated to the back of group photos.

    A group photo of all the staff at "sacred heart" – the hospital in Scrubs

    We hope you've learned something about the lives of tall people. We're not complaining, being tall is grand, it's just tricky in its own way! Our tall brethren — did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!