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    19 Surprising Things I Learned From Twitter That I Can't Believe Aren't Taught In School

    Salvador Dalí designed the Chupa Chups logo!?


    Sudan has more than twice as many pyramids as Egypt. (Image: Fabrizio Demartis)


    I had to double-check this but it is true. Salvador Dali designed the wrapper for Chupa Chups lollies.


    Australia’s Lake Hillier looks like a swath of solid bubble-gum pink, and though there are many theories as to why, no one is quite sure


    Outer space is only an hour away, if you could drive your car straight into the sky at 60 MPH.


    [cw: food] [thread] Have you ever wondered why banana candy doesn't actually taste anything like bananas? It's because the flavor that banana candy was based on is from the Gros Michel variety of bananas, which pretty much disappeared from North America in the 1950s!


    If we’re on the poshness of food and drink, fun fact: lobster wasn’t always considered posh. It was considered poor people’s food, to the point that servants on the East Coast would stipulate in their contracts that they wouldn’t eat lobster more than twice a week 🦞🦞🦞


    Newborns don't shed tears because their tear ducts haven't fully formed.


    TIL: Neil Armstrong said he meant to say, “That’s one small step for *A* man, one giant leap for mankind. “Furthermore, he didn’t just mean to say it. He says he DID say it, and the audio equipment swallowed the ‘A’.” (via @pescami) #Apollo11 #Apollo50


    Nutella was invented during WWII, when an Italian pastry maker mixed hazelnuts into chocolate to extend his chocolate ration.


    Bangladesh has more people than Russia: Bangladesh has 155 million people and Russia has 143.5 million.

    Source (Bangladesh now has a population of 162,650,853 and Russia has 141,722,205).


    Sign language actually has its own version of tongue twisters called "finger fumblers."


    When Sir Peter Scott proposed the Latin name ‘Nessiteras Rhombopteryx’ for the Loch Ness monster (Greek for ‘Ness inhabitant with diamond-shaped fin’) it was soon discovered that it was also an anagram for ‘monster hoax by Sir Peter S’.


    #FridayFoodFact Did you know that in the 1830's Tomato Ketchup was sold as medicine?


    I was today years old when I learned that Bluetooth is named after a 10th century King, Harald Bluetooth Gormsson. Engineer Jim Kardach coined the term, using the analogy that Bluetooth would unite devices the way Harald Bluetooth united the tribes of Denmark into one kingdom.


    Alaska is simultaneously the most northern, the most western, and the most eastern state in the U.S.


    There is a fruit by the name of "chocolate pudding fruit" which tastes like chocolate pudding & is healthy for you.


    Based on radar images of Venus, scientists believe that it snows metal, because it is too hot for water based snow.


    You get red eyes in your pictures because your pupil is just a hole and the flash reflects the blood vessels in the back of your eyes.


    There are polka-dotted zebras 😱😱😱