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    19 Cute Things For Your Kitchen That We Hope Will Bring You Instant Happiness

    You can pretend to be on "Bake Off!"

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This adorable hedgehog kitchen timer that you can sit on your tabletop and give a little name to.

    2. A set of soft mini spatulas that are multipurpose AF and you can definitely eat a yoghurt with if you're desperate.

    3. These adorable flowerpot muffin moulds that will make you the envy of all bakers!

    4. A set of lovely animal food fruit picks that will give your baked creations extra showstopper quality with minimal effort.

    5. A pink waffle maker so you can live your best Leslie Knope life!

    6. This cat-shaped tea cosy that will never run away from you or reject your hugs.

    7. A pair of avocado salt and pepper shakers that unite to look like a real avo – adorable!

    8. A set of wooden heart coasters that are 'Grammable AF and probably on a lot of wedding registries.

    9. This iconic unicorn cookie cutter – you're telling me you DON'T want this?

    10. These insanely cute platypus tea strainers that just chill in your tea looking all tubby with their big bills sticking out 😍

    11. These cherry measuring spoons, that make the everyday act of measuring 10 times the fun!

    12. A beautiful bunny face mug that no mug collection would be complete without.

    13. Dis squeezy egg separator which is somewhere between weird, cute, and something you just want to squeezzzeeeee.

    14. Six coloured sand timers of varying time settings that are frankly amazing and perfect for those who shun modern technology and like to be old-school.

    15. These stainless steel cat spoons that are best friends and never to be separated!

    16. This kitchen compost bin that you can sit on your countertop and feed your food waste to like a hungry lil robot guy. Plus, bonus points for being an environmental cook!

    17. This subtly ironic cow milk frother that we can all agree is just plain fashionable

    18. A cat rice ball mould so you can live your bento box dreams!

    19. Some cat cup coasters that are straight up adorable. Look at the angry one! And the happy orange one!