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    28 Subtle British Traits That Are A Perfect Reflection Of Our Culture

    Think of all the terrible haircuts Brits have endured.

    1. Asking someone how they are twice by accident.

    Bravo/smudge_lord / Via Buzzfeed/

    2. Getting in a queue but without really knowing what for.

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via Giphy

    3. And having passersby ask you why you're queuing.

    FOX / Via Giphy

    4. Putting a disclaimer in front of our opinions in case they offend someone.

    BBC / Via Buzzfeed

    5. Pronouncing non-English words horrendously.

    Google / Via Buzzfeed

    6. Veritably enjoying a good moan.

    Warner Bros. / Via Giphy

    7. Saying sorry as an act of aggression.

    Netflix / Via Giphy

    8. Actually, saying sorry all the damn time.

    Universal Pictures/Cinecom Pictures / Via Buzzfeed

    9. Being deadpan af when making sarcastic comments.

    ITV / Via Giphy

    10. Putting a "kiss" at the end of messages.

    why do British people put "x" after they text or tweet? is it a face? a punctuation? am I suppose to solve for x?

    11. Or saying bye like a thousand times because you don't know how to end a conversation.

    BBC / Via Buzzfeed

    12. Having strong opinions on supermarkets and their individual vibes.

    Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA: • boring • no middle aisle • cashiers reasonably fast Lidl and Aldi: • cashiers break sound barrier • copyright law? who is she • go in for bread and coffee, leave with 9 sporks and a haunted bin

    13. Having a fake af relationship with your neighbours.

    BBC / Via Tumblr

    14. Leaving our umbrellas by the door in a shop or cafe.

    Sam Cleal / Via Buzzfeed

    15. Always offering tea to your house guests.

    BBC / Via Giphy

    16. And craving a good cup of tea whenever you go abroad.

    Sam Cleal / Via Buzzfeed

    17. Avoiding the dentist at all costs.

    I'm glad the Dentist calls me the day before to remind me to cancel my appointment.

    18. Going completely quiet in a lift full of strangers.

    Chuck Savage / Via Getty Images

    19. Always being up for a drink.

    Just overheard a girl order a Bloody Mary when apple juice wasn't available, which is very similar to how I make most of my life decisions.

    20. Especially when it involves going to the holy land of pub!

    United International Pictures / Via Giphy

    21. And sometimes feeling obliged to get a round in, even when you don't know the people you're buying for.

    Channel 4 / Via Netflix

    22. Singing ridiculous drinking songs to help get everybody hammered.

    BBC / Via Giphy

    23. Cheering when someone fails at life.

    Why do all British people have the uncontrollable urge to shout “wheyyy” when a glass smashes in a restaurant?

    24. Going outside with no top on at the first hint of sunshine.

    ITV2 / Via Giphy

    25. And promptly having a barbecue to make the most of it.

    BBC / Via Twitter

    26. Generally enjoying the beige-est of foods.

    Lauripatterson / Via Getty Images

    27. Talking about the weather when there's nothing else to talk about.

    Channel 4 / Via Giphy

    28. And lastly, wanting to complain about bad service in a restaurant/hairdressers/shop but you just 👏 can't 👏 do it! 👏

    BBC / Via Tumblr

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