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    Here Are 17 Times Sex Education Pushed Boundaries, According To The Cast Themselves And You, The Readers Of BuzzFeed

    "I cried tears of joy and had to rewatch several times."

    🚨 This post contains spoilers for season three of Sex Education🚨

    Sex Education is a unique show that manages to at once be entertaining and... well... educational! I seriously can't think of another TV show that's as inclusive and non-judgmental of issues relating to sex, gender, race, age, and ability.

    So, to celebrate this, we recently asked the main cast of Sex Education AND the BuzzFeed community what they thought the most progressive and inclusive moments of the series so far were.

    Here are 17 times Sex Education pushed boundaries and made everyone feel included according to the cast themselves and you, the readers of BuzzFeed!

    1. The asexual storyline from season two in which Jean told Moordale student Florence that there's nothing wrong with how she feels.

    2. The introduction of Cal, a non-binary student at Moordale, and the moment when they taught Layla how to use a binder.

    3. When Hope talked about her fertility problems and how it made her feel.

    4. Maeve and Isaac's sex scene in which they discussed how they would do it.

    5. When Eric went back to Nigeria for his cousin's wedding and got to experience how gay men live there.

    6. When Lily found out she had vaginismus and shared her story with Otis and Ola.

    7. When Otis and Ruby needed to go and get a morning after pill in season two.

    8. Every time the show chose to candidly portray sexuality in older people.

    9. When Amy discovered masturbating and took the time to explore what pleases her.

    10. When Jean visits the hospital and her obstetrician is condescending to her.

    11. Any time Adam and Mr. Groff are on screen together.

    12. The changing room scene where Cal doesn't want to wear a fitted uniform.

    13. When Ola took a quiz and discovered she was pansexual.

    14. And the fact that bisexuality and pansexuality are shown as equally valid.

    15. Aimee's sexual assault storyline.

    16. And then when she felt able to get back on her bus with the help of her female friends.

    17. And finally, Lily's daring school play.

    Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

    Tell us if we missed any important moments from the series in the comments, and be sure to catch Sex Education streaming on Netflix now!

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