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    The Cast Of "The Serpent" Look So Much Like Their Real-Life Counterparts, It's Uncanny

    This is an incredible cast!

    🚨 Warning, this post contains spoilers for The Serpent 🚨

    1. Tahar Rahim as Charles Sobhraj

    Roland Neveu/BBC/Mammoth Screen/BBC One

    Charles Sobhraj is "The Serpent" – a Vietnamese-born French conman and serial killer. In his position as a drug and gem dealer, Charles makes a living off of swindling tourists along the "Hippie Trail" of South East Asia.

    Where you know Tahar from: A Prophet, The Looming Tower, Mary Magdalene, The Eagle, The Mauritanian, The Last Panthers, and Love and Bruises.

    2. Jenna Coleman as Marie-Andrée Leclerc

    Roland Neveu/BBC/Mammoth Screen/BBC One

    Marie is a Canadian traveller who meets Charles during a trip to India in the mid '70s. She becomes his chief accomplice as well as his lover, and helps him to con and murder adventure-seeking tourists.

    Where you know Jenna from: Doctor Who, Victoria, The Cry, Emmerdale, Waterloo Road, Death Comes to Pemberley, and Inside No. 9.

    3. Billy Howle as Herman Knippenberg

    Roland Neveu/BBC/Mammoth Screen

    Herman is a Dutch junior diplomat who becomes embroiled in the case against Charles Sobhraj while he's posted at the Dutch embassy in Bangkok. Herman later becomes a key player in bringing Charles to justice.

    Where you know Billy from: The Sense of an Ending, Glue, Dunkirk, The Witness for the Prosecution, On Chesil Beach, The Seagull, and Outlaw King.

    4. Ellie Bamber as Angela Knippenberg

    Roland Neveu/BBC/Mammoth Screen/Jamie McCarthy / WireImage / Via Getty Images

    Angela Knippenberg is a super smart German-born diplomat who assists her husband Herman with his investigation into Charles and his crimes.

    Where you know Ellie from: Nocturnal Animals, Les Misérables, The Trial of Christine Keeler, The Falling, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and The Lady from the Sea on The West End.

    5. Amesh Edireweera as Ajay Chowdhury

    Roland Neveu/BBC/Mammoth Screen/BBC One

    Ajay is Charles's right-hand-man. Originally from Mumbai, India, he is persuaded to help Charles in finding and befriending unsuspecting tourists, robbing them, and often carrying out their murders.

    Where you know Amesh from: Shakespeare Live: The Tempest.

    6. Mathilde Warnier as Nadine Gires

    Roland Neveu/BBC/Mammoth Screen/BBC One

    Nadine is a quirky French ex-pat who lives with her husband in Bangkok. At first, she is friends with her neighbours Charles and Marie, but she ultimately joins forces with Herman and Angela to bring them down.

    Where you know Mathilde from: Dynasty, Eternity, World on Fire, Caprice, The Wild Boys, A Very Secret Service, and The Widow.

    7. Grégoire Isvarine as Remi Gires

    Roland Neveu/BBC/Mammoth Screen/BBC One

    Remi is Nadine's husband. Together, the couple risk their lives to make sure Charles is caught.

    Where you know Grégoire from: Paris Is Us, Victor & Célia, The Firemen, and The Inside Game.

    8. Fabien Frankel as Dominique Renelleau

    Roland Neveu/BBC/Mammoth Screen/BBC One

    French backpacker Dominique travels to Bangkok where he reluctantly becomes involved with Charles and Marie, and nearly falls prey to their sadistic crimes.

    Where you know Fabien from: NYPD Blue and Last Christmas.

    9. Ellie de Lange as Helena Dekker (based on Cornelia Hemker)

    BBC One/Richard Neville/Julie Clarke/Pan Books / Via

    Ellie is a fictitious character possibly based on Dutch backpacker Cornelia Hemker. After Ellie arrives in Bangkok with her partner Willem, the couple fall in with Charles, Marie, and Ajay, but soon their trip turns into a nightmare.

    Where you know Ellie from: Women of the Night, Human Superfood, Flikken Maastricht, and Mees Kees.

    10. Armand Rosbak as Willem Bloem (based on Henk Bintanja)

    BBC One/Richard Neville/Julie Clarke/Pan Books / Via

    Willem is likely based on Henricus "Henk" Bintanja, one of Charles's victims. Henk and his partner Cornelia saved for five years to take the trip of a lifetime to Thailand, where they sadly were murdered by Charles.

    Where you know Armand from: Ghost, SpangaS, Flikken Maastricht, and De slet van 6vwo.

    11. Alice Englert as Teresa Knowlton

    BBC One/Richard Neville/Julie Clarke/Pan Books / Via

    Teresa is another of Charles's victims. In the series she is travelling to Kathmandu to become a nun, but her journey is intercepted by Charles and Ajay.

    Where you know Alice from: Ginger & Rosa, Ratched, Beautiful Creatures, The Lovers, New Worlds, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Them That Follow, and Top of the Lake.

    12. Tim McInnerny as Paul Siemons

    BBC One

    Paul is a fiery diplomat working for the Belgian Foreign Service. He befriends Herman, and plays a key role in helping him build a case against Charles.

    Where you know Tim from: Blackadder, Notting Hill, Game of Thrones, Eddie the Eagle, New Tricks, Harlots, The Trial of Christine Keeler, and The Aeronauts.

    The Serpent is available on BBC iPlayer in the UK, and on Netflix internationally outside of the UK.

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