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    The Cast Of "Schmigadoon!" Is Positively Stacked – Here's Where You Know Them From

    Hint: it's either SNL or musical theatre.

    If you've not yet caught up with new musical comedy Schmigadoon! let me tell you, it is ~quite~ the affair.

    Apple TV+

    Think The Good Place meets Rodgers and Hammerstein meets Glee, and you've got a good initial grasp of the show.

    The six-part series, which dropped on Apple TV+ last week, follows a couple struggling to see eye-to-eye who get trapped in a real life 1940s style musical whilst on backpacking trip.

    Apple TV+

    The first two episodes were released on Friday 16th July, and the streaming platform is dropping a brand new episode every Friday!

    One of the major selling points of Schmigadoon! is its amazing ensemble cast. Here's the lowdown of everyone involved, and a little bit about what they've done before:

    1. Cecily Strong plays Melissa Gimble

    Apple TV+

    Melissa is our heroine – she's smart, she's strong-willed, she's caring, and she LOVES musicals! Her relationship with boyfriend Josh is somewhat strained, and when they stumble upon Schmigadoon during a hike, she seems to keen to find out whether this magical place can help them as a couple.

    Where you know Cecily from: Cecily has been a regular fixture on Saturday Night Live since 2012. She's also appeared in films like Ghostbusters and The Boss, and TV shows like Loafy and The Awesomes. In 2015, she hosted the White House Correspondents' Dinner and her set went viral.

    2. Keegan-Michael Key plays Josh Skinner

    Apple TV+

    Josh is a deuteragonist and the boyfriend of Melissa. Though he admits to loving her, he seems unsure of what the future holds for them as a couple. When they discover Schmigadoon, Josh is having none of it and totally refuses to sing, but he soon gets unwittingly caught up in the other-worldly cheer.

    Where you know Keegan-Michael from: Keegan-Michael is known for being a cast member on Mad TV and Whose Line is it Anyway?, as well as for his work alongside Jordan Peele in the sketch series Key & Peele. In 2017, Key made his Broadway debut in Meteor Shower. His other screen work includes roles in Fargo, Parks and Recreation, Pitch Perfect 2, and The Prom

    3. Kristin Chenoweth plays Mildred Layton

    Apple TV+

    Mildred is the main antagonist of the story. Dour and super strict, she's sort of like a walking Hays Code in that she personifies the raging conservatism and censorship in movies and theatre of the 1940s and '50s – specifically around things like ex-marital relationships, race, and LGBTQ people. It's basically Kristin's most un-Kristin-like role... and she nails it!

    Where you know Kristin from: Kristin is probably best known for originating the role of Glinda the Good Witch in the hit musical Wicked, but she's graced Broadway several times in shows such as Promises, Promises and You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Her screen work is just as iconic, with roles in shows like Glee and The West Wing, and movies like Deck the Halls and The Witches.

    4. Ariana DeBose plays Emma Tate

    Apple TV+

    Emma is a teacher living in Schmigadoon with her younger brother, Carson. She is very loving but also very headstrong, and holds rather progressive views on life for a 1940s school ma'am!

    Where you know Ariana from: Ariana originated the role of The Bullet in Hamilton, and has also appeared in Bring It On and Motown: The Musical on Broadway. She's also known for her character, Alyssa Greene, in The Prom, and for her upcoming role as Anita in the West Side Story movie adaptation.

    5. Jaime Camil plays Doc Lopez

    Apple TV+

    Doc Lopez is the local doctor for the good people of Schmigadoon. He appears to be debonair and sophisticated, but is actually rather daft and judgemental. Doc has a tendency to want to control those around him, but he soon has a change of heart after meeting outsiders to the community.

    Where you know Jamie from: Jamie is best known globally for his work on Jane the Virgin as Rogelio de la Vega, Jane's father. He has also appeared in several Mexican telenovelas including Mujer de madera, Qué pobres tan ricos, and La fea más bella. His film work includes voice roles in Coco and The Secret Life of Pets.

    6. Fred Armisen plays Reverend Howard Layton

    Apple TV+

    Howard is Mildred's downtrodden husband, and the leader of the Methodist church in Schmigadoon. He is well mannered and super friendly to all!

    Where you know Fred from: A total comedic shapeshifter, Fred is well known for his tenure on Saturday Night Live, and for creating and starring in iconic sketch series Portlandia. Fred has also starred in a ton of movies and other shows, including Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Recreation, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Big Mouth, and Easy A.

    7. Alan Cumming plays Mayor Aloysius Menlove

    Apple TV+

    Aloysius is Schmigadoon's beloved mayor for many many years. He's kind, a little eccentric, but ultimately very welcoming to Melissa and Josh. Melissa, in particular, becomes close with him after he shares an important secret with her.

    Where you know Alan from: Alan is a veteran of the stage, appearing on London's West End in shows like Accidental Death of an Anarchist, Bent, and Cabaret. He also appeared in the Broadway revival of the latter, earning a Tony Award for his performance as The Emcee. His screen work includes iconic roles in Spice World, the Spy Kids trilogy, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, and The Good Wife.

    8. Ann Harada plays Florence Menlove

    Apple TV+

    Florence is Aloysius's loving and supportive wife who also welcomes Melissa and Josh to Schmigadoon. She adores her husband and is well-liked in the town!

    Where you know Ann from: Ann originated the role of Christmas Eve in the musical Avenue Q, and has gone on to appear on Broadway several times in Les Misérables, Cinderella, M. Butterfly, and 9 to 5. This isn't Ann's first televised musical series, she also appeared in the 2012 musical drama Smash!

    9. Dove Cameron plays Betsy McDonough

    Apple TV+

    Betsy is a local waitress in Schmigadoon who quickly becomes besotted with Josh.

    Where you know Dove from: Dove is best known for her Disney Channel work in shows like Liv and Maddie, and in the popular Descendants film series. She has appeared in movies like Barely Lethal and Dumplin', and TV shows such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Dove is also a singer, and starred as Amber Von Tussle in the NBC presentation of Hairspray Live!

    10. Liam Quiring-Nkindi plays Carson Tate

    Apple TV+

    Carson is sort of like a town cryer and quasi narrator of the story. He attends the school in Schmigadoon where his sister Emma teaches.

    Where you know Liam from: This is newcomer Liam's first ever role and he completely smashes it!

    11. Aaron Tveit plays Danny Bailey

    Apple TV+

    A rapscallion, a cad, a rascal – that's who Danny Bailey is! This carnival showman takes an instant liking to Melissa, but she soon finds out he can't be tamed... or can he?

    Where you know Aaron from: Aaron is a broadway favourite, with credits in productions such as Wicked, Catch Me If You Can, Next to Normal, and Moulin Rouge! He has also made a splash on television as Tripp van der Bilt in Gossip Girl, Mike Warren in Graceland, and Danny Zuko in Grease: Live.

    12. Jane Krakowski plays Countess Gabriele Von Blerkom

    Apple TV+

    Jane makes a brief appearance as Doc Lopez's would-be fiancée the Countess, à la the Baroness character in The Sound of Music. She's certainly glamorous and a belter, but I wouldn't get her bad side if I were you.

    Where you know Jane from: Jane's most enduring roles have to be Jenna Maroney in 30 Rock and Jacqueline White in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but you might also recognise her from Ally McBeal and Modern Family. Jane worked extensively on stage, including in the 2005 West End revival of Guys and Dolls, and in Broadway shows such as Grand Hotel and Starlight Express, in which she originated the role of Dinah the Dining Car.

    13. Martin Short plays a Leprechaun

    Apple TV+

    And finally, would it be a Lorne Michaels production if Martin Short didn't make an appearance?! The comedy legend appears as a leprechaun who suddenly appears to inform Josh and Melissa of their entrapment in Schmigadoon.

    Where you know Martin from: It's like a SNL reunion here! Martin was a cast member from 1984 to 1985, and has made countless appearances since then. His movies include Father of the Bride and Three Amigos, and he has also appeared on Broadway in the plays The Goodbye Girl and Little Me.

    What are your thoughts on the series so far? Let us know in the comments below!

    And check out the trailer below if you haven't yet seen it!

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