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    If The Cast Of "Schitt's Creek" Were Classic Vines, Here's Who They'd Be

    Alexis has big "And They Were Roommates" energy, IMO.

    It's been a while since I've compared iconic TV characters to classic vines, so here's goes nothing! This time it's everyone's fave, Schitt's Creek – which celebrated its 7th anniversary yesterday!

    1. David Rose – "Fuck Off Janet"

    2. Alexis Rose – "And They Were Roommates"

    3. Moira Rose – "Singing Bus Lady"

    4. Johnny Rose – "Guy Who Likes Music"

    5. Stevie Budd – "Shalissa"

    6. Roland Schitt – "Give Me My Hat Back, Jordan"

    7. Jocelyn Schitt – "It's An Avocado... Thanks"

    8. Patrick Brewer – "Love You, Bitch"

    9. Ted Mullens – "More Like Hurricane Tortilla"

    10. Twyla Sands – "Sometimes I Like To Pretend I'm Tall"

    11. Ronnie Lee – "It's The Good Kush"

    12. Bob Currie – "When Life Gives You Lemons"

    13. Gwen Currie – "Head Shaking Person"

    14. Ray Butani – "A Child"

    15. Mutt Schitt – "Baked Sausage Pizza"

    16. Jake – "That's What Good Pussy Sounds Like"

    17. And finally, Wendy Kurtz – "Fergie Doing Cartwheels"

    Did we nail it or nah? Let us know in the comments!