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    17 Questions I Still Have About "Sex Education" Before The Second Season Comes Out

    Tomorrow I'll have my answers!

    1. Will the clinic continue?


    Otis and Maeve's relationship has become increasingly complicated, so the clinic is on thin ice, and with the headmaster hot on their tail surely they can't keep having sessions in the abandoned toilets?

    2. Will Maeve tell Otis how she feels?


    My heart jumped when she ran over to see him with his jumper in hand, but now Otis has his hands full with a new relationship. Will these two knuckleheads ever get it together?

    3. Will Otis and Ola make a good couple?


    They have things in common, sure, but Ola is a go-getter and Otis is frustratingly the opposite of that. I think she needs someone she can soar with, not someone who will tether her to the ground.

    4. Does Maeve manage to stay in school?


    And will she get a place on the Moordale Aptitude Scheme?

    5. Does Adam really have feelings for Eric?


    Cos that whole kiss – as fun as it was – felt super shoe-horned in! And why in the hell did he bully him for so long??? Men πŸ™„

    6. And does he return to be with him?


    I have mixed feelings about this. For a start, Eric is wayyy too good for Adam. I can see how they might have found solace in each other, but it was such a random narrative development. Who knows what will happen next!

    7. Does Jean continue her career as a sex therapist?


    Bc she's kind of bad at it! Not only does she have commitment issues, she stalked her son and wrote a secret tell-all book about him. I'd honestly prefer therapy from Dr Phil than Dr Jean!

    8. And how will her relationship with Jakob develop?


    Especially considering their respective children are now dating as well!

    9. What will happen to "The Plastics"?


    After Aimee dumped her mean girl friends, I want to know if they disbanded or whether they recruited new members.

    10. Will Lily be promoted to the main cast?


    Because she's clearly the second-best character after Eric!

    11. What will Aimee and Maeve look like as BFFs?


    I like that Aimee stuck up for Maeve, but I have to say I don't think it will last. Aimee will get bored and return to her original friend group IMO.

    12. Will the show clarify what year or even which decade it's set in?


    They have iPhones and Pornhub, but they dress like it's the 70s and Otis listens to Joy Division all the time. I feel like I'm watching Doctor Who sometimes!

    13. What will become of Jackson?


    After dating Maeve, tasting bargain-bin vodka, and gaining some perspective, he seems less enthused about swimming – so what will he do with his spare time now?

    14. Will Otis ever have sex?


    Personally, I'm rooting for another hilarious Lily and Otis hook up.

    15. Where did Sean go?


    Did he disappear again, and if so where, and why!?

    16. Will we find out more about Maeve's past?


    We've met Sean, but will we meet Maeve's parents or find about more about them? Whatever happens, I want Kathy Burke for the part of her mother.

    17. Will any new characters be added? Because there are always new characters in the second season!


    WHO will join the cast and, more importantly, will they have a Welsh accent? Cos, y'know, it is set in Wales after all.

    What are you curious to see in season two of Sex Education? Remember, it drops on Netflix tomorrow!

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