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45 Of The Greatest Queer-Coded Disney Characters There Have Ever Been, That Aren’t Elsa From “Frozen”

"Jafar's origin story is that he's gay and pissed."

We all know it's been a real ~journey~ for queer characters in Disney movies, and as of 2021, we still are yet to have our first ever openly LGBTQ+ main character in a feature film!

That isn't to say, however, that there aren't characters in the Disney pantheon who are lowkey queer. Let's take a look at some of the greatest queer-coded* Disney characters of all time, shall we?

1. Li Shang from Mulan

🏳️‍🌈 LET’S CELEBRATE 🏳️‍🌈 It sucks that Disney completely erased Li Shang, bi icon, from the live-action Mulan. But by erasing him, they INADVERTENTLY confirmed animated Li Shang is canonically bisexual! They played themselves. We love our bi Prince!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Twitter: @imperfectbIue / Via Instagram: @prouddisnerds

2. Pleakley from Lilo & Stitch

When are we going to talk about how Pleakley is an LGBTQ icon who was constantly serving RANGE in Lilo & Stitch?! The girls nowadays could never .....

Twitter: @brendanwjordan

3. Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Ursula’s appearance was based on Divine so she should be played by a drag queen and that’s that on that.

Phil D. Morris / Via Twitter: @dickgirIdiaries

4. Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King

Timon and Pumba are Simba's gay dads. fight me.

5. And Scar from The Lion King

6. The Reluctant Dragon from The Reluctant Dragon

The Reluctant Dragon makes Liberace look like John McClane.

7. Jafar from Aladdin

jafar’s origin story is that he’s gay and pissed

8. Francis from A Bug’s Life

Not sure if this counts as it is pretty obvious, but it took me 23 years to realise this detail, in A Bugs Life (1998) Francis the ladybug's role in the circus was literally just a drag queen

9. Shego from Kim Possible

the amount of people who replied to this saying that shego was the cause of their gay awakening is outstanding so here’s an appreciation post for our queen

10. Oaken from Frozen

Thinking about oaken from frozen and his husband and 4 kids

11. Artie from Cruella

I just know James Corden was watching Artie in Cruella and saying “that should have been me”

12. Ryan Evans and Chad Danforth from the High School Musical films

Ryan Evans is gay Chad Danforth is bi & they had a Thing™️ before Disney reined it in. #HSM #Chyan conspiracy thread BASED IN facts/truths.

Disney Channel / Via Twitter: @CharCubed

13. Captain Hook from Peter Pan

what a wonderful day to remember that captain Hook is gay

14. Raya and Namaari from Raya and the Last Dragon

raya and namaari from raya and the last dragon are lesbians

15. Governor Ratcliffe from Pocahontas

Governor Ratcliffe is gay!! My realization while watching Pocahontas today. #Disney #Pocahantas #gay

16. And Wiggins, Ratcliffe's manservant from Pocahontas

"What Disney Character do you relate to most?" "Wiggins" "?" "Gov. Ratcliffe's gay assistant in Pocahontas who sings 'Hey noni noni!'"

17. Prince John, Sir Hiss, and Little John from Robin Hood

And yes, Prince John is a queer-coded villain. So is Sir Hiss, though he’s not all bad. But then Little John is doing laundry and cooking while wearing a frilly apron also??

18. Merida from Brave

reasons why Merida is aroace: -she never shows any interest in dating or attraction -she has a green color pallette -she’s an arrow ace which sounds like aro ace -because I’m AroAce and I say so

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Via Twitter: @MyLovelyfools

19. Basil and Professor Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective

Basil and Professor Ratigan are exboyfriends you can’t change my mind.

20. And Karen, aka Voyd from Incredibles 2

i know im late but ive just seen incredibles 2 and im claiming voyd as nonbinary 💚 thanks for coming to my ted talk 💙

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Via Twitter: @nonbinarythings

21. Evelyn Deavor from Incredibles 2

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Via Twitter: @favsarelesbians

22. Baloo and Bageera from The Jungle Book

Baloo and Bageera are gay dad goals. #TheJungleBook

23. Nuka from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Nuka from the Lion King 2 is trans. Prides of lions without males, one will develop a mane but since Kovu (cis man) was born while Nuka was going through his transition process Nuka never got more than a scraggly mane since Kovu was the new male of the pride. In this essay I will

24. And Vitani from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Also if Vitani was your favourite Lion King character growing up... you are now sapphic. Sorry I don’t make the rules 🏳️‍🌈

25. Rider and Honeymaren from Frozen II

26. Mike and Sulley from Monsters, Inc.

mike wazowski is bi and sulley is gay and they are in a relationship

27. Preston B. Whitmore from Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Y’all Disney’s Atlantis HAD A GAY CHARACTER. LIKE. JUST THERE!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS (but then i was kid) Whitmore was hidden married to Milo’s grandfather Thatch. How he speaks of him such a high regard and just has a million dollar painting of them both in his mansion

28. Cruz Ramirez and Natalie Certain from Cars 3

are we all just going to ignore the fact that natalie certain and cruz ramirez in cars 3 are gay girls bound to hook up or what

29. Terk from Tarzan

Rosie O’Donnell’s voice artistry as Terk really is queer excellence

30. Cogsworth and Lumière from Beauty and the Beast

disney: beauty and the beast has an openly gay character me: it's cogsworth and lumiere disney: it's le fou! me:

31. Riley Anderson from Inside Out

Riley Andersen // Genderqueer Headcanon Movie: Inside Out

32. Luca and Alberto from Luca

Twitter: @lolaslovebot

33. And finally, also Guilia from Luca

exhibit a for giulia being a lesbian #Luca

Twitter: @satvrnnrings

Did we miss anyone out? Let us know in the comments below!