29 Non-Sexual Things Men Do, Say, Or Have That Are Actually Hot AF

    Untied bowties, that's all I'll say.

    1. When he strokes his beard or jawline.

    Via propertyofpoeandbucky.tumblr.com

    Does he look ~that~ good stroking other things..?

    2. When he slings a towel over his shoulder.

    3. When he can fix things.

    4. When he has dimples!

    5. When he can BBQ or cook.

    6. When he holds eye contact with you.

    Twitter: @firstktnn

    🎵 No fairrrrrrrrr.... 🎵

    7. When he has lovely big hands.

    8. Or big veiny arms.

    9. When his eyebrow game is 👌

    10. When he has a good singing voice.

    11. When his tee rides up.

    12. When he's tall AF!

    13. Or when he's short and stacked.

    14. When his sense of humour is on point.

    15. When he smells good.

    16. When he challenges toxic masculine norms.

    17. When you catch him reading.

    18. When he rolls up his sleeves.

    19. And when he casually "shoots the cuff" of his shirt to check his watch.

    20. When he acts all fatherly.

    21. When he loves animals.

    22. When he's emotionally intelligent.

    23. And when he can cry at movies.

    24. When he bites his lip.

    Wow they are really trying (and succeeding) to make Hulk super sexy lmao #SheHulk

    Twitter: @sam_cleal

    When do I get to bite that lip?

    25. When his grammar is indisputable.

    26. When he wears his bow tie like this.

    i made it HD please the untied bowtie around his neck and the plain white dress shirt and black hair i’m ascending 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @taehyungtannah

    Instantly floored.

    27. When other people look to him naturally for leadership, but he's still modest about it.

    28. When he runs a hand in his hair.

    29. And finally, when he's backing up the car and he does that thing where he puts one arm on the headrest behind you.

    What are YOUR non-sexual turn ons? Let us know in the comments below!