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    I Can't Believe "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" Is Coming Back – Here's Everything You Need To Know

    These team captains are *chef's kiss*

    If you've never heard of Never Mind The Buzzcocks, basically it's an iconic British quiz show about all things music.

    BBC Two

    Back in day (the show originally ran from 1996 to 2015) comedian Mark Lamarr – and later Simon Amstell and Rhod Gilbert – would quiz regular team captains and celebrity guests on music trivia. Phill Jupitus was a team captain throughout the original series run, with Sean Hughes appearing from 1996 to 2002, Bill Bailey from 2002 to 2008, and Noel Fielding from 2009 to 2014. Celebrity guests ranged from Martin Freeman to Amy Winehouse, and Kelly Rowland to Ed Sheeran.

    But what really MADE the show was its off-the-wall and totally unserious sense of humour, that saw contestants lighting up cigarettes and walking off set, game segments being stopped for hugs, impromptu "gay-offs", and points being given and taken away in the most nonsensical of ways.

    BBC Two


    Well, yesterday, Sky announced it was bringing back the show with an all new set of captains and a brand new host!

    BBC Two

    Sky will air eight 45-minute episodes AND a Christmas special later this year!

    Greg Davies will host the show with Daisy May Cooper coming on board as one team captain, and Noel Fielding returning as the other captain. Comedian Jamali Maddix will also be a regular panelist.


    I must say, WHAT A LINE-UP! Daisy May Cooper?! That's genius casting.

    On his new role as host of the show, Greg Davies said: "I have always loved Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and am thrilled to be the new host on Sky. We have brilliant comedic talent on the team and plenty of exciting musical guests will be joining us."

    Dave J Hogan / Via Getty Images

    "All that being said," he continued, "I’m so sure that no one reads these press quotes in their entirety that I’m going to finish by listing types of bread: rye, sourdough, sliced white. Oh, and cob."

    I, too, enjoy thinking about types of bread so thank you, Greg.

    Talkback will be helming the Sky Original revival, just as it did all the previous series of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and has reported that it will be keeping some of the best known and loved rounds, with some extra surprises along the way!

    BBC Two

    I personally CANNOT WAIT for more of the line-up round.

    Here's hoping this new version will be just as raucous and hysterical as the original series was!

    BBC Two

    Never Mind the Buzzcocks will air on Sky and NOW this autumn.

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