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We Wanna Know Which Movie You'd Love To See Remade, But ~Only~ If It Was Done Well

Thelma and Louise is brilliant and deserves a fantastic remake.

We all know that movie remakes can go one of two ways – they can either be even better than the original, or they can feel totally unnecessary!

still of freaky friday remake from 2013 with the caption iconic and still from karate kid from 2010 with the caption unnecessary

My question is, what's a film you'd like to see remade but ONLY if it was done super well?

Maybe, like me, you think a modern day Thelma & Louise would be amazing.

Or perhaps you think a Ferris Bueller's Day Off remake would be super fun to see.

Or maybe you think Labyrinth should be remade for today's audiences.

Whatever it is, tell us the iconic movie(s) you think should be remade and WHY in the comments below, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!