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    23 People Shared What They Consider To Be The Best TV Series Everyone Should Give A Go

    "OUTER BANKS.........DUHHHH."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community which TV shows they've watched from beginning to end during lockdown that they would highly recommend to others. Here are some of the best suggestions:

    1. Community


    "I’m devastated I never watched it when it first aired. I'd always heard it was such an underrated show, and when I saw it was on Netflix I thought to give it a go. I finished all six seasons in one week and cried when it ended!"


    "I watched it many years ago and now I've decided to watch it all again! There are so many hidden jokes and Easter eggs. It's one of the most clever shows i've seen."


    "What a cast, and mostly all at the start of their careers! And in his first gig, you can see what a brilliant comedian Donald Glover already was."


    "Community has saved me during quarantine – what a show!"


    2. Stranger Things


    "I never understood the hype or wanted to watch before, but I was bored one night and I saw it suggested on Netflix. I watched all three seasons in three days and it’s without a doubt the best thing I’ve watched on Netflix!"


    "I thought it would be too depressing for this time, but I'm really enjoying the extra suspense right now. It's like my daily adrenaline rush!"


    3. Outer Banks


    "I wasn't really into it initially but the plot is fantastic and the character development is great. It's an amazing rollercoaster and I can't wait for season two!"


    "It's pure perfection! Soooo good from start to finish!"


    "OUTER BANKS.........DUHHHH."


    4. Lucifer


    "I had so many people telling me to try it, but I just never got around to it for some reason. Now I'm fully obsessed!"


    "It never appealed to me but a friend recommended it so I gave it a try. Loved it so much! Literally could not stop watching."


    5. Never Have I Ever


    "SUCH a brilliant series with genuinely funny moments, hunky characters, and some incredibly touching scenes. I loved the main character and how amazingly diverse the rest of the cast is. It's also created by G.O.A.T. Mindy Kaling!"


    "It's so funny and such an easy binge – finished it in one day."


    6. Psych

    Alan Zenuk / USA Network

    "I watched the show weekly when it was still on the air and have missed it so much. It's such a quirky and funny show that takes the hackneyed detective cop storyline and turns it on its head. Plus, you can tell the cast really liked each other and that makes it even more enjoyable!"


    "It's so ridiculous and funny. It still makes me laugh even though I've seen every episode at least four times. The cast is perfect – especially James Roday and Dulé Hill."


    "It’s one of my absolute favourite modern TV shows and I rewatch it often."


    7. The Office

    Chris Haston / NBC

    "I finally gave the US version a go; I can’t stand the UK version (Ricky Gervais is not for me) but the US version was brilliant and a great distraction from the real world! I watched all nine seasons and then followed it up with another run through of Parks & Recreation because why the hell not?"


    "I did my first full rewatch of The Office. My husband had never seen it and was cackling at Michael every episode. It was fun to pay attention to relationships I didn’t think much about the first time through! Dwight and Pam have a cool dynamic."


    8. Sherlock

    BBC One

    "Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have a really good dynamic and the show is very entertaining."


    9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The WB

    "It’s an amazing show that everyone should watch, and this is the perfect opportunity! Season one is a bit rough at times, but it’s short. Please give it at least until "School Hard" or "Halloween" in season two."


    "Never watched it when it originally aired but saw some clips on YouTube. I love the way the writers were able to merge drama and humour so seamlessly. It's the only show I've ever binge watched!"


    "The classic that is Buffy. Reliving my teen years!"


    10. Parks and Recreation


    "It’s super funny and you don’t need to pay that much attention to follow it, so you can be on your phone at the same time!"


    "I thought Leslie's optimism would be perfect viewing for right now."


    "I watched five seasons in one week!"


    11. Bones


    "It’s such an underrated show, but definitely worth the watch! Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz have the most amazing chemistry."


    "One of the best procedurals on TV! It combines drama and comedy perfectly, the characters are great, and the chemistry between the two main characters sings! I’ve never smiled, laughed, cried, or gasped more than I have watching Bones."


    12. Elite


    "So much happens in each episode and everything is executed so perfectly. There’s so much character development, and you can definitely watch the three seasons (so far) in just a few days. I highly recommend it."


    13. Brooklyn Nine-Nine


    "Er, b99 ofc, not just because I love it, but due to its bingeable quality. I've been rewatching for two weeks and I'm already on season five. The episodes are 20 minutes long and are so funny!!! It's honestly a must watch."


    "Brooklyn. Nine. Nine. It is soooooo funny, and has an amazingly diverse cast. Out of the main squad there are four white men, two black men, two Latina women and then Gina, who is also white. As well as this, the Captain is gay and Rosa is bi! Also, just hilarious."


    "An amazing diverse cast you just wanna be friends with. Genuinely one of the funniest TV shows."


    14. Schitt's Creek


    "It’s very difficult to find TV that can please everyone in my house, but this show was a total win! We blew through everything on Netflix in a week, and we’re eager for the last season."


    "The fact that they waited until season two to point out a character was named 'Roland Schitt', and have only said it one other time, is the epitome of the show's great writing and subtle humour."


    "So funny and way too underrated. Binge watching it really makes you aware of the phenomenal character development as well."


    15. Glee


    "Honestly, since it dropped on Netflix, I decided to give the show a watch. Then when quarantine happened, I gave it another watch. I was a huge fan when it was originally airing, so that familiarity gives me a sense of normalcy. Also seeing how fucked up some plot lines really were is insane."


    16. The Vampire Diaries

    The CW

    "Best show in the world. Its entire universe is so detailed and well thought out, and the villains and story arcs are so good. Plus the entire cast is SO ATTRACTIVE and the ships are absolutely ICONIC."


    "I really like the whole TVD universe because once you finish one show you can go on to the next. The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies are all really good and will keep you entertained for a while.


    "The Vampire Diaries. Again. Because apparently I don’t mind being hurt over and over."


    17. Shameless


    "I'd heard great things for years about the show, but by the time it went to Netflix was too far behind to catch up – there are 10 seasons after all! Now I've seen it I love how well written it is, and how the characters and storylines really draw you in. Plus it's a hilariously raunchy comedy!"


    18. The Wire


    "I got tired of people saying 'OMG YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN THE WIRE?!?!' every time it got brought up. Yes, it is an amazing show. I normally don't watch a lot of TV or movies, but the pandemic has definitely changed that."


    19. Sanditon


    "I've used this time to watch Sanditon again. It's the first time in forever that I've watched a show for a second time, but I couldn't resist. It's got amazing characters, a beautiful love story, and is just simply stunning!"


    "Not only have I campaigned for a second season, but I've also watched season one over and over again. I love it and NEED a sequel to the cliffhanger!"


    "It's an absolutely fabulous must watch show! Definitely deserves a second season!"


    20. Fleabag

    BBC Three

    "It’s only two seasons long, with roughly 20 minute episodes, so it’s not that big of a time commitment. Season two is also perhaps the most perfect season of television I’ve ever watched.


    21. Grey's Anatomy


    "It's classic... you can never go wrong with team magic. We started watching it again and we are already on season 10."


    "I've always wanted to watch it but it was just way too long (16 seasons). I would say it's definitely binge-worthy, especially in quarantine, I literally watch it all day long!"


    22. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    Ron Tom / NBC

    "Watching for the first time – sorry not sorry I’m a ‘99 baby! It's such a good show!"


    23. Gilmore Girls

    The WB

    "It’s something I’d always wanted to watch, but I'd kept putting it off because of the length (seven seasons plus the revival), but with nothing else to do I figured why not? I’m so glad I did, it’s such a heartwarming and funny series and it definitely helped with my quarantine blues!"


    "It has drama, some humour, many likeable characters, and a lot of feel good moments! It moves along well and is a very easy watch. I highly recommend!"


    Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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