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    I Went To The London Queer Fashion Show 2022 And Here's What Happened

    Fashion + queer = incredible.

    Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the London Queer Fashion Show at the iconic One Marylebone. The show was a celebration of queer-centric creativity, and featured over 100 queer-identifying models wearing the designs of 11 LGBTQ+ designers.

    The London Queer Fashion Show takes place annually (except for the COVID interruption), and has been running since 2017. The ultimate aim of the event is to give a platform to independent queer designers and allow them to showcase their collections – from underwear to couture!

    The eclectic range of designs and aesthetics on the runway was truly astounding. Here are the 12 designers who took part in the 2022 showcase:

    2. Patrick McDowell

    3. Olli Hull

    4. Faux Boy

    5. Stevie Crowne

    6. Returning Queen

    7. Jean Louie Castillo

    8. Compton Q

    9. House of Narcissism

    11. Eliza Parla Gurocak

    12. Zekaryas Solomon

    I honestly can't wait to go back next year and witness a whole new crop of talented LGBTQ+ designers!

    If you'd like to relive this year's London Queer Fashion Show, follow them on Instagram here. You can also get in touch now if you want to be part of their 2023 show as a designer, a model, or a volunteer!