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    If "The Incredibles" 1 And 2 Were Live-Action Films, Here's Who Would Play Every Character

    Is this an incredible casting or what?

    1. Chris Pratt as Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible

    Buena Vista Pictures Distribution / Frazer Harrison / Via Buzzfeed / Getty

    Chris has the build, the looks, and most importantly the funny to perfectly encapsulate family patriarch Bob!

    2. Ellie Kemper as Helen Parr/Elastigirl

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Neilson Barnard / Via Buzzfeed / Getty

    Comic genius Ellie would slap as the compassionate yet fiery superhero mum Helen.

    3. Jacob Tremblay as Dash Parr

    Buena Vista Pictures Distribution / Larry Busacca / Via Buzzfeed / Getty

    Jacob could definitely win hearts and make us laugh as the super-speedy Dash.

    4. Billie Eilish as Violet Parr

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Frazer Harrison / Via Buzzfeed / Getty

    Likeable yet dark and mysterious, Billie was born to play Violet!

    5. Chadwick Boseman as Lucius Best/Frozone

    Buena Vista Pictures Distribution / Frazer Harrison / Via Buzzfeed / Getty

    He's played a superhero before, so the character of Frozone would be no challenge for Chadwick.

    6. Danny DeVito as Edna "E" Mode

    Buena Vista Pictures Distribution / Dimitrios Kambouris / Via Buzzfeed / Getty

    Two words: Ango Gobloggian. Go on, look it up — treat yourself!

    7. Jesse Plemons as Buddy Pine/Syndrome

    Buena Vista Pictures Distribution / Kevin Winter / Via Buzzfeed / Getty

    Not only is Jesse a great actor who can definitely play evil, he's got the perfect look for Syndrome, the villain from the first film.

    8. Lady Gaga as Mirage

    Buena Vista Pictures Distribution / Jason Merritt/TERM / Via Buzzfeed / Getty

    Don't you think Gaga's sultry voice and striking beauty would perfectly suit Syndrome's sidekick Mirage from the first movie?

    9. KJ Apa as Tony Rydinger

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Araya Diaz/Stringer / Via Buzzfeed / Getty

    Let's be honest, KJ definitely has the looks and the chill vibe to play high school crush Tony.

    10. Neil Patrick Harris as Winston Deavor

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Michael Loccisano / Via Buzzfeed / Getty

    He can do just about anyone, so I think playing the naive yet loveable Winston would be a walk in the park for Neil!

    11. Angelina Jolie as Evelyn Deavor

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Luka Gonzales / Via Buzzfeed / Getty

    I'd love to see Angelina play the possibly queer, definitely evil tech genius Evelyn from Incredibles 2.

    12. Tommy Lee Jones as Rick Dicker

    Buena Vista Pictures Distribution / Carlos Alvarez/Stringer / Via Buzzfeed / Getty

    I mean, the resemblance is uncanny! And we all know Tommy can play an FBI agent to a tee.

    13. Jena Malone as Karen/Voyd

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Michael Loccisano / Via Buzzfeed / Getty

    Who else thought of Jena when they were watching Voyd in Incredibles 2? A scene-stealing character like that requires an actor capable of pulling focus.

    14. Tiffany Haddish as Honey Best

    Buena Vista Pictures Distribution / Alberto E. Rodriguez / Via Buzzfeed / Getty

    Let's say in this live-action version we actually get to meet Frozone's smart-talking wife — who better to play her than the Tiffany Haddish!

    Do you agree with my choices? Shout out in the comments who you'd like to see in an Incredibles live-action remake!

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