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    People Are Sharing The Things They Lied About As Kids, And The Way I Laughed Should Be Illegal

    "I told my friends that Hannah Montana was based on my life."

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed community to tell us about lies they made up about themselves as kids. Well, you certainly didn't disappoint! Here are some of the most hilarious submissions.

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    1. "I told one girl I had never pooped."

    "I think I thought it made me cool. She told everyone, and then I became the cool girl who had never pooped once. I was ten."

    — imsorryimmagemini

    2. "My twin sister and I were not twins, we were triplets, but we weren't supposed to talk about the other one."

    "I convinced my class and the teacher of that, which resulted in the teacher reporting it as a safeguarding issue and the head of year struggling to keep a straight face."

    — hobbitgirl96

    3. "In second grade I told my friends that Hannah Montana was based on my life."

    — turntothesun

    4. "I said I lived next door to Louis Tomlinson's dad for a few years."

    "I told everyone Louis had popped over a few times. That is until it was reported in the paper that they were estranged and hadn’t spoken in years 😳."

    — zoes5642

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    5. "In nursery, I convinced my teachers I could speak Nigerian, which isn't actually a language."

    "I read a whole book to them, and when my mum picked me up they were like, 'omg Ada is so smart, she read us a whole book in your native tongue and translated it on the spot'. My mum was like, 'wtf are you talking about?' My lie quickly unravelled."


    6. "I told people I had a sister who got lost in a park and was never found."

    "She ran away from me during a game and I looked for her for ages and then just went home."

    — geothegeo

    7. "I once made up an elaborate lie that my family and I had travelled to Scotland where I saw the Loch Ness Monster."

    "I have never been to Scotland."

    — mollywobbles222

    8. "I said I turned into a mermaid at night."

    "I'd clutch the wall dramatically and say my legs were turning into a tail, and I needed to figure out how to stop it happening out of water."

    — jksss

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    9. "That I had recently found out Posh Spice was my half sister."

    "I was obsessed with Baby Spice, so I thought it would be too obvious to say her. I decided as Posh Spice wasn't my fave, people would be more likely to believe me."

    — gemmahaxbyncn

    10. "I told my primary school friends that I was allergic to water for NO reason at all."

    "They thought I'd never had a bath and I really just rolled with that for years."

    — ceiram

    11. "A girl told me and my friend she got squashed flat by a bus once."

    "We all believed her 😂."

    — lizzieellis1993

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    12. "I tripped over playing outside when I was about five and broke my wrist, so I told everyone a shark bit it."

    "I did it for the drama."

    — kayleighs4e699037f

    13. "I told everyone (including teachers who had my records) that my name was Plum."

    — allhailhailey03

    14. "My last name was Lee, so I told people I was related to Bruce Lee."

    "My cover was blown when Brandon Lee died, and kids kept saying my cousin had died, and I said I didn’t have a cousin named Brandon."

    — bridgetl14

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    15. "When I was ten or eleven, I told my friends I had a parrot who would tell me when my favourite TV show was on."

    "Where did I get that from, you ask? NO CLUE."

    — allydelarge

    16. "I tried to convince people I was nocturnal and that I only slept one hour a night."

    "I'd tell them I was a nightcrawler. I didn't know at the time that that literally means worm!

    I also couldn't whistle when I was a little kid, and it made me jealous. So I would just go 'OooohoOOOHoohhh' and tell people my whistle just sounded different."

    — haleyhelena

    17. "That I was a conjoined twin, and that we had been separated and she went to a different school because she got into a grammar school and I didn't."

    "I have no idea why I said it, and no one ever questioned it."

    — kellyd905

    18. "In kindergarten I was obsessed with Titanic. I had a necklace that looked like the heart of the ocean, so of course I told everyone it was the real necklace!"

    "A kid wearing a $20 million dollar necklace? Totally makes sense."

    — lauram441f3374d

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    19. "In second grade, I told everyone my grandpa had a tortoise farm."

    "I have no idea why, other than it would have been so cool!"

    — deedranicolehooks

    20. "I once told my Aunt I was taking Irish dancing lessons, and then gave her an impromptu performance."

    "It was a complete lie! I did two minutes of flailing my legs around and then kicked over her coffee table."


    21. "I told all the girls in my class that I was an African Princess and they were supposed to call me 'Highness'."

    "Whenever they forgot to, I said I'd let it slide because I wasn't like those other princesses! We'd just moved to a new town and I was one of three black kids in my school – my little brother included. A couple of the girls believed me and even started following me around!"

    — samanthadavis0803

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    22. "I convinced people that I was an extra in the first three Harry Potter films."

    "It was when I spent a couple of summers away from my home in the UK at a camp in Canada. I told them you could see me getting on to the train at one point!"

    — aoifeo2

    23. "I once told everyone in my primary school that my room was filled with computers."

    "I said I had computers all the way around my walls. When people were like, 'wow, can we come see them?' the truth started to come out."

    — neon_dreams

    24. "In fourth, fifth, and sixth grade, I had a friend who told me Emma Watson was a family friend."

    "A couple of times, when we were on the phone, she’d tell me she was also Skyping with Emma, and would I like to speak to her. It was clearly my friend speaking in a bad British accent, but I just went along with it."

    — maggiek45fce9884

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    25. "I used to get creative with the meaning or translation of my name."

    "It's Japanese, so people usually ask what it means. As a kid, I gave different answers instead of the actual answer. I once convinced someone that my name meant Speed Racer – my favourite film at the time."


    26. "I told kids at my school that I was a vampire, and that school was my punishment for killing someone."

    "Kids would knock on my door after school and I'd beg my parents to tell them I was sleeping in our basement."

    — a4e941cff2

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    Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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