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LGBTQ+ People Are Sharing Their Turn-Ons And Whew, I'm Getting A Little Hot Over Here

"It's such an undervalued body part".

We recently asked the LGBTQ+ members of the BuzzFeed Community about their turn-ons, and they didn't disappoint! Here are some of the best responses...

1. "I'm into competent butches pretty exclusively."

"I'll be foaming at the mouth listening to a girl explaining how to install a wifi router 😂."

— lunalovegator

2. "As a demi, a sense of humour and being able to connect and read me."

"The only physical traits that might spike my interest – once emotionally connected – are body hair, muscular arms, unique to that person features such as eyes, birth marks etc., especially if there's a story there."

— emilyc41877cec4

3. "I'm asexual, so it's not a 'turn-on' per se, but I'm a sucker for a lady or enby with a soft belly."

"My wife (who is a trans woman) has one, and it's one of my favorite physical traits of her's. It's great for hugs and cuddles!"

— maysmordred

4. "Strong girls in muscle tees."

"Like stacked babes (*´∀`*)."

— bravemug57

5. "A big turn-on is a man telling me how he wants to kiss me."

"I have a big thing for proper making out."

— tawecakeman

6. "Glasses! It doesn't matter your gender."

"A good pair of glasses makes you instantly hotter. Especially girls in glasses and a ponytail 👏👏👏."

— buttercupbailey

7. "A toned soft stomach/navel."

"Both on men and women – I get turned on a lot by them!"

— tanyam44ab2253d

8. "Women with something chunky around the middle, e.g. a builders belt or a police officers belt."

"I think it's because it exaggerates the hip movements, I'm not sure. It does nothing for me in a man though... 🤷🏻‍♀️."

— noimpillagingeverybody

9. "Men with long hair."

"Well taken care of hair, of course, not too long or unkempt."

— nathanvh

10. "Women in plaid shirts."

"It's the whole queer lumberjack thing 🥰."

— silverwing33

11. "A masculine guy shaving his face."

"It's incredibly hot."

— smashmonkey

12. "Tall guys who play an instrument."

"Preferably low brass."

— kylienixon

13. "Just well dressed people".

"I don't mean designer or expensive shit – there's something really sexy about someone with a good sense of style."

— natalieh45f732f4c

14. "I like the smell of like a nice fall day and my gf smells like that."


— kylienixon

15. "Bad dancers."

"I love people who don't have co-ordination, but are confident enough to dance in public anyway (while I hide my own two left feet in a dark corner)."

— noimpillagingeverybody

16. "I absolutely love when a woman runs her fingers through her long hair."

— lisaray1

17. "A woman with shaved sides/undercut and muscley arms."

"Can't help but love it 😍."

— justchillman

18. "Their laugh."

"A proper uncontrolled laugh, especially if it's slightly goofy and giggly! I don't know why."

— rdougherty666

19. "I just love a guy's shoulders."

"It's such an undervalued body part... So beautiful and masculine in a sexy way!"

— tawecakeman

20. "A good dancer!"

"I'm not one, but watching my boyfriend dance is definitely a turn-on for me!"

— aditson

21. "Suits."

"Any person of any gender wearing a well tailored suit or dress pants and a collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up is automatically hot to me."

— congdongracie24

22. "Tell me you like to read and have a deep conversation about your favorite book with me."

"Intelligent conversation based on books makes me weak 🫶🏾."

— chloedbrown25sheher

23. "A great smile and looonngg fingers help too 😂."

— orangegrape

Note: some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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