ITVX Have Dropped Images For Their New Teen Series "Tell Me Everything", And I'm Gassed

    I need to know *everything* about Tell Me Everything.

    We all love a gritty teen drama, no? Think Skins, Euphoria, Sex Education, what have you. Well, ITV are stepping up to the plate with a brand new series called Tell Me Everything, which will be coming soon to their new streaming platform, ITVX.

    Tell Me Everything follows a group of six friends at college as they navigate everything from sex to social media to schoolwork, while trying to keep their mental health in check. The cast are mostly newcomers, but have been working on the series together since mid-last year.

    six young people stepping on some steps looking at the camera

    Today, we're lucky enough to be able to share EXCLUSIVE never-seen-before images from the series, which show the cast looking VERY fashun!

    three friends pose for a selfie

    The series sort of centres around 16-year-old Jonny Murphy who suffers from undiagnosed depression and anxiety.

    A guy looks off in the distance

    When a personal tragedy rocks his world, Johnny turns to his BFFs Louis and Neve for support, but also finds solace in a mysterious new friend, Mei.

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    Meanwhile, two shiny new girls – Regan and Zia – complete the group, but bring with them a whole load of drama.

    six friends sit at a pool party chatting

    Created by Mark O'Sullivan, Tell Me Everything aims to depict what life is like for youth today. The series is executive produced by Robert Wulff-Cochrane and Camilla Campbell, who previously commissioned hit teen dramas Skins and Misfits.

    Callina Liang – who stars as Mei – describes the series as "a very real depiction of teenagers growing up in the 2020s."

    a girl in a hat looks off in the distance

    "Being a young person can be hard", adds Carla Woodcock who plays Zia. "You forget how hard being a teenager actually was. It's really important to have shows like TME to honestly show what teenage life is like and what we all go through when we’re growing up."

    three girls sit at a pool party chatting

    UGH!! I'm ready to watch and relive those fun, confusing teen years, anybody else?? Tell Me Everything will be available to stream in the UK on ITVX from 8 December. No word yet on when the rest of the world will be able to stream it, but we'll keep you updated when we know more!

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