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    I Ranked The 20 Best Episodes Of "Inside No. 9" — Here's What Made The Cut

    The spookiest show on the BBC has returned.

    Phenomenal black comedy Inside No. 9 returned this week for a brand new series. The popular anthology show is now in its sixth season, which promises more twisted tales from series creators Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton.

    Reece and Steve appear in new roles in practically every episode of Inside No. 9, and are joined by ever-changing cast made up of some of the best British and Irish acting talent there is!

    To celebrate the return of Inside No. 9, I thought I would rank the 20 best episodes there have ever been, not including the current series. 🚨 BEWARE, there are minor spoilers ahead for the previous five seasons. 🚨

    20. "Empty Orchestra" (series three, episode four)

    19. "The Stakeout" (series five, episode six)

    18. "And the Winner Is..." (series four, episode five)

    17. "The Riddle of the Sphinx" (series three, episode three)

    16. "Thinking Out Loud" (series five, episode five)

    15. "Once Removed" (series four, episode three)

    14. "The Bill" (series three, episode two)

    13. "Diddle Diddle Dumpling" (series three, episode five)

    12. "The Devil of Christmas" (series three, episode one)

    11. "Nana's Party" (series two, episode five)

    10. "Private View" (series three, episode six)

    9. "The Harrowing" (series one, episode six)

    8. "Last Gasp" (series one, episode four)

    7. "Sardines" (series one, episode one)

    6. "To Have and to Hold" (series four, episode four)

    5. "Zanzibar" (series four, episode one)

    4. "Tom and Gerri" (series one, episode three)

    3. "Cold Comfort" (series two, episode four)

    2. "The Trial of Elizabeth Gadge" (series two, episode three)

    1. "The 12 Days of Christine" (series two, episode two)

    Do you agree with my ranking? Tell us in the comments!