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    I'm Fully Obsessed With Alex Lincoln In The Movie "In From The Side", And These 27 Pictures Might Explain Why

    Watch me join a gay rugby team now.

    Y'all know me, I love gay shit... movies, series, what have you! So, when I heard about In From The Side – an indie flick about an affair between two members of a London gay rugby club – I was pretty ecstatic.

    Anyways, now I'm obsessed with the lead, Alexander Lincoln, who plays Mark. Mark is a young gay guy who plays for the B team in a London rugby club. When he meets Warren (Alexander King), the two begin a secret affair despite both having partners already.

    The film is really great, and explores forbidden love and modern male relationships in a really interesting way. Also, I just can't get over the character of Mark (he's handsome yet broken in the most adorable way 😍😭πŸ₯΅). Allow me to bring you in on my obsession with these 27 pics.

    1. Okay, so, here he is answering a door and looking like butter wouldn't melt.

    2. Here he is doing a little yawn.

    3. And then walking away and giving a cheeky little smile.

    4. UGH, look at him on the field. Mmm-mmmm.

    5. I wanna be that mouthguard.

    6. Or that rugby ball.

    7. Even in a plain grey tee he looks AMAZING.

    8. OMG I want a man (Mark) to wait on a tube platform for me like this.

    9. Who even walks into a room looking that TASTY?!?

    10. I totally get why you'd do that.

    11. OMG look at him in his little hat, AHHHHHHH!

    12. Here he is showing Warren a polaroid he took of him.

    13. That "do-you-like-the-picture-I-did-of-you" look on his face is just 😍😭😍😭😍😭😍😭😍😭😍😭😍😭!

    14. I, too, would stare at myself in the mirror if I looked like Mark.

    15. #WorriedMark. He looks so helpless! He needs reassuring hugs pronto.

    16. Oh no, why is Mark alone in the club?? Someone please rescue him.

    17. Tbf, I get why he'd be confused that someone is leaving him alone in bed.

    18. This "you-better-do-me-right-now" look is doing things to me.

    19. I can't even speak about this.

    20. Or this.

    21. #MuddyMark FTW!

    22. Don't cry, Mark, I love you!

    23. Even when he's like, "I can't deal with this shit", he's sooooo beautiful.

    24. Holy turtleneck fantasy... I'm sorry, but I can't deal with the fact that a human looks like this.

    25. I envy the man who gets to stroke Mark's head.

    26. OMG look at his laugh... He's the cutest man to walk the planet.

    27. OMG the after-game shirt and tie combo is working for me.

    So, yeah, basically, Alex I am free on Thursday night if you want to hang out. Please read this and then let me know if you want to hang out on Thursday night when I am free. (But you have to come in character as Mark).

    Also, it really is a testament to this film that I got so many high quality pics just from screen-shotting! In From The Side is out now in cinemas in the UK and Ireland. We'll keep you updated on where you can stream it! Let me know if you also develop a Mark crush in the comments below <3.