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    If These Iconic Rom-Coms Had An All-Queer Cast, Here's Who Would Play Each Character

    Twilight = Bi-light.

    Since it's both Valentine's Day AND LGBTQ Awareness Month, I've taken the time to recast these iconic rom-coms with a sparkling LGBT dramatis personae. Enjoy!

    1. When Harry Met Sally

    Sam Cleal/Columbia Pictures / Via Buzzfeed / Getty Images

    Sarah Paulson and Kate McKinnon have known each other for years, but they've always been romantically kept apart by one thing or another. Recently, however, Kate has been doing some odd DIY jobs around Sarah's apartment and they've found themselves drifting towards each other. Are they truly just friends, or does their natural chemistry lend itself to something more romantic?

    2. Lost In Translation

    Sam Cleal/Focus Features / Via Buzzfeed / Getty Images

    Jamie Clayton, a well known but fading American actor, finds herself in Tokyo for an acting job. Feeling down and unable to enjoy the city, Jamie hangs out her hotel and strikes up a friendship with the enigmatic Indya Moore. Jamie thinks she has all the answers, but Indya ends up teaching her more than she could ever realise!

    3. The Holiday

    Sam Cleal/Sony Pictures Releasing / Via Buzzfeed / Getty Images

    Ellen Page and Andrew Scott are both unlucky in love. After DM'ing on Instagram, they decide to swap homes for the Christmas period to each get a new lease on life! But while they vacation at each other's respective homes, they find more than peace of mind when Ellen meets Jameela Jamil and Andrew meets Billy Porter.

    4. Pretty Woman

    Sam Cleal/Buena Vista Pictures / Via Buzzfeed / Getty Images

    Billy Eichner, a wealthy man in a nondescript sector, is visiting LA for a week and needs someone to pretend to be his boyfriend. Ezra Miller is a sex worker struggling to get by in the big city. A chance encounter allows Billy to hire Ezra for the week, but will things remain strictly professional between them after the seven days are up?

    5. Ghost

    Sam Cleal/Paramount Pictures / Via Buzzfeed / Getty Images

    Kristen Stewart is left devastated by the sudden death of her girlfriend, Samira Wiley, but Samira isn't gone – she's still watching over Kristen from a different plane! With the help of psychic Wanda Sykes, Samira tries to contact Kristen, but things get serious when she realises Kristen is in danger from a threat close to home.

    6. Twilight

    Sam Cleal/Summit Entertainment / Via Buzzfeed / Getty Images

    Nicole Maines is new in town, and she's already aroused the attention of adorkable family friend Keiynan Lonsdale and aloof high school hottie Bella Thorne. Nicole wants to keep her head down, but she can't help but be reeled in by both of her crushes – who will she choose?

    7. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

    Sam Cleal/Netflix / Via Buzzfeed / Getty Images

    Chella Man has written five secret letters to all the people he's slept with including his childhood crush Troye Sivan, the high school heartthrob Joey Pollari, and KJ Apa – although he's straight now. What will happen when both of them find out that Chella still wants them?

    8. Notting Hill

    Sam Cleal/Universal Pictures / Via Buzzfeed / Getty Images

    Hugh Skinner, who owns a modest sex shop in Soho, London, is absolutely floored when Hollywood superstar Jonathan Bailey walks into his shop to buy a new spanking paddle. Feeling flabbergasted, Hugh accidentally spills a bottle of lube on him and instead of freaking out, Jonathan impulsively kisses him. Is their budding romance too pie-in-the-sky? Only time will tell.

    9. Pride And Prejudice

    Sam Cleal/Focus Features / Via Buzzfeed / Getty Images

    Perspicacious Beanie Feldstein thought she would never find someone who could hold her interest, until she runs into Brigette Lundy-Paine at a local pride parade. Now the couple must band together to take down a new wave of anti-LGBT sentiment, which has swept through their small town.

    Happy Valentine's Day and a very merry LGBTQ Awareness Month!

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