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    New BBC Drama "I May Destroy You" Is Taking Over Twitter And We Love To See It

    Further proof that Michaela Coel is amazing.

    Bafta-winner Michaela Coel continues to prove she is an absolute kween with her incredible new comedy-drama, I May Destroy You, which is currently playing on BBC One and HBO.

    BBC One / Via iPlayer

    The show follows Arabella Essiedu, a writer living in London, as well as her friends Terry and Kwame. When Bella is sexually assaulted on a night out with friends in episode one, the trauma of the experience begins to affect her daily life even though she can't quite remember the exact details of what happened to her. Throughout the series, Bella attempts to connect the dots regarding that night, whilst navigating her busy life as a Twitter celebrity turned novelist.

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    Michaela wrote the show based on her own experience, and has been praised for her powerful and nuanced treatment of the show's focal sexual assault storyline, as well as her realistic characterisation of Black British people – who knew hiring Black British writers could achieve that?!

    With only two instalments of the 12 episode series left to be released here in the UK, the good people of Twitter have taken to the platform to sing the show's praises. Here are some of the best reactions so far:

    🚨 Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead! 🚨


    #IMayDestroyYou is the most relevant and necessary TV to come out in a long time. Race, rape and consent are three things a lot of people need educating on - this series should be shown in every school and college around the country. @MichaelaCoel is incredible.


    #IMayDestroyYou has destroyed me. The details, the blink-you'll-miss-it moments. The non-linear structure, the mess, the pain and grief. The layers. The language and dialect. The intimacy of it. I feel quietly destroyed and need quiet. It's unreal, and touchable at the same time.


    Wow, Michaela Coel wrote 191 drafts of "I may destroy you" before settling on 12 episodes. Beyoncé rehearsed 8 months for coachella. Serena Williams plays tennis 3 hrs daily then spends another 2 hrs training in the gym. I guess what I'm saying is, excellence is by practice.


    I MAY DESTROY YOU FLEABAG PEN15 BROAD CITY The best shows happen when you let women with an actual point of view do whatever the fuck they want.


    I May Destroy You is some of the best British TV I have ever watched and @MichaelaCoel is an absolute genius. Makes me feel like I've been caught peeping thru the curtains with my voyeuristic white lens which is a very important feeling of discomfort right now. Watch it! @BBC


    No answers are ever fed to you in I May Destroy You. You are given this juicy, textured threads and stories with layers and you're meant to sit within the contradictions and unease and detangle yourself, if you want


    I’m saying, again, how nuanced, detailed, complex and brilliantly clever #IMayDestroyYou is. How unpacking, confronting, reassessing, angry & forgiving, beautifully wild & restrained, free and trapped it is. It isn’t linear. It’s a grief. It should be studied. #curriculumgold



    I keep trying to write / tweet about I May Destroy You but can’t quite articulate just how extraordinary this series is. Michaela Coel has created something so multilayered & cross generational. So queer, so slick, so sad yet so hopeful. Each passing episode is a stand alone.


    One of the things I love most about I MAY DESTROY YOU is that the show rejects conventional tv logics bc everything about assault rejects logic.


    ‘I May Destroy You’ is easily one of the best shows I’ve watched this year. Its uncompromising examination of sexual autonomy and mental health makes it compulsory viewing.


    Wow everyone is finally watching I May Destroy You and I am so happy


    #IMayDestroyYou had an incredible dolly shot this week. Powerful reference to black cinema @MichaelaCoel


    I really liked the conversation about the term ‘Afro-Caribbean’ so many people use it incorrectly #IMayDestroyYou


    This week's #IMayDestroyYou has me feeling some type a way about dynamics within a black family. It brought up a lot...


    Terry: organised & caring, Arabella: creative & intense, Kwame: burying everything under sex & other people’s problems. How is it possible to identify with so many characters? #IMayDestroyYou


    Arrabella’s mum in the final scene was so potent, it didn’t need any words or description to describe what she was feeling 👏🏾👏🏾#IMayDestroyYou


    honestly, the portrayal of (black) masculinity in ‘i may destroy you’ is INSANELY refreshing


    okay this period sex scene in I May Destroy You is really iconic. I’ve never seen anything like this on tv before. The talent


    I wonder how many Cambridge-educated condom-removers watched Episode 5 of I MAY DESTROY YOU and recognised themselves and how many...couldn't be bothered


    I’m so ready for a spin-off #IMayDestroyYou featuring the young Arabella and Terry, please add in a young brother Kwame for good measure too. Those scenes where we got back in time to the 00s capture the time period perfectly. The young actors are amazing too!


    impatiently waiting for the next episode of I May Destroy You

    The next episode will available in the UK on BBC One, Monday 13th July at 10.45pm (and 11.20pm in Northern Ireland) or via BBC iPlayer. Viewers in the US can catch the first five episodes on Hulu, Amazon video, and HBO.

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