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    9 Frankly Hilarious Moments From "Skins" And 8 Unexpectedly Dark Ones

    Justice for Cassie!

    1. We all loved the time Chris threw a wild party and found a hippy squatter sleeping in his bath the next day.

    E4 / Via Netflix

    Chris tries to kick him out but really this set-up could've been an excellent spin-off.

    2. But it broke my heart when he died of a subarachnoid haemorrhage.

    E4 / Via Netflix

    Happy-go-lucky Chris went through A LOT, and it was especially hard to watch his final scene. Any real Skins fan will say this is the saddest the show ever got!

    3. It was hilarious when Effy and Cook found a sex tape which revealed Pandora's mum's kinky double life.

    E4 / Via Netflix

    TFW you fall through your friend's mum's closet into the love dungeon she shares with the man next door.

    4. But when Effy's mental health began to spiral out of control, it was pretty heartbreaking.

    E4 / Via Netflix

    Effy always felt like she was teetering on the edge of something, but when she starts forgetting and remembering random events it's particularly heartbreaking.

    5. It was jokes when Anwar got caught completely starkers by his mum and sisters on his 17th birthday.

    E4 / Via Netflix

    You can't put a price on that kind of humiliation.

    6. But when Cook's terrible, terrible dad made him cry because he wanted to sail away without him, it was sad af.

    E4 / Via Netflix

    The way he held those keys in his hands still haunts my dreams.

    7. I laughed out loud when Tony was shown around a prospective university by two oddballs called Derek and Polly.

    E4 / Via Netflix

    Their deadpan delivery of the most stilted dialogue kills me every time!

    8. But it was super emotional when Sid broke down at a Crystal Castles gig because his father had died earlier that day.

    E4 / Via Netflix

    It's a super raw moment in which Sid's sudden anguish fuses with his surroundings, and he instinctively reunites with Tony for support.

    9. I got my life every time Josie the careers counsellor appeared on screen – especially when she met with Chris.

    E4 / Via Netflix

    She hated swearing, had a funny voice, and dressed kooky – what's not to like?

    10. But I hated every time Sid snubbed Cassie.

    E4 / Via Netflix

    Cassie genuinely liked Sid and it was so hard to watch him reject her over and over again – Cassie deserved better, y'all!

    11. When Pandora tore up the dance floor during her first club experience it was frankly iconic.

    E4 / Via Netflix

    My favourite move of hers is something I like to call 'the imaginary piano' (see above).

    12. But the scene where Freddie met his violent and untimely end at the hands of Effy's evil psychiatrist was honestly harrowing.

    E4 / Via Netflix

    Quentin Tarantino out here directing 2010 Skins.

    13. I loved the time where a dejected Maxxie bonded with his angry Russian landlady over a mutual love of Neil Diamond.

    E4 / Via Netflix

    I mean, the whole Russia episode from series one is pretty wild, but this was random af! Why would a 16 year old even like Neil Diamond?

    14. But when Emily found out Naomi had cheated on her with Sophia, who died by suicide, it was A LOT.

    E4 / Via Netlix

    The way in which the truth unravels – the graphic sequence, the poetic voice-over, the solemn music – is totally mystifying and intense.

    15. Who could forget the time that Roundview College performed OSAMA! The Musical?

    E4 / Via Netflix

    Forget sexy Shakespeare in space, this was the OG bizarre school play replete with dancing sky-scrapers and songs like "Boogie Woogie Bagel Boy".

    16. But we'd rather forget the sad moment Grace fell into a coma and had her life support turned off because she wasn't expected to recover.

    E4 / Via Netflix

    This hit hard because she was just such a lovely character! The effect of her death on her friends is felt during the rest of the series and it's super emotional.

    17. But let's end on a high with the time the OG gang accidentally drove into a pond because Tony switched off the handbreak looking for his skins – GET IT?!

    E4 / Via Netflix

    That's some good farcical comedy, mate.

    Have I missed any important moments? Shout out in the comments!

    E4 / Via Netflix

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