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    Here Are The Most Sickening Moments From The "Drag Race UK" Final

    And condragulations to the winner!

    1. When Cheryl Hole was gracious in defeat – we stan a supportive queen!

    2. When Baga and The Vivienne did a little light reading of Divina.

    3. When Baga got emotional on the "What's the Tee?" podcast and Ru HUGGED her.

    4. Every god damn time RuPaul attempted to speak in a British accent.

    5. When AJ Pritchard (Strictly Come Dancing) and his brother Curtis (Love Island) made an appearance as choreographers.

    6. And then Curtis did *this* 😱😍🤤

    7. When Divina was the flexible goddess we all knew she was.

    8. In the final performance, when Baga's legs did this...

    9. When Viv *nearly* did a backflip.

    10. The transition from modest to not-so-modest when the girls were petitioning to win.

    11. When all the eliminated girls came back!!

    12. The extremely close final lip-sync between Divina and The Vivienne.

    13. When The Vivienne was crowned WINNER!

    Did the right person win? Are you gagging for season two? Tell us what you think in the comments... "bye, bye!"