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    OMG "Heartstopper" Is Getting Two More Seasons And This Is The News I Needed Today

    ✌️ more seasons!!!

    If you're as big a fan of Heartstopper as I am, you'll be over the moon to know that Netflix has announced they'll be releasing not one but TWO further seasons!!

    Nick and Charlie sitting in a classroom together in Heartstopper

    Since debuting in April this year, the series has BLOWN UP, with people the world over appreciating its wholesome vibes and uplifting and inclusive message.

    Nick and Charlie lying on a beach together in Heartstopper

    The show's soaring success has undoubtedly led to its renewal, with the series reaching the Netflix Top 10 list in 54 countries.

    People are naturally ecstatic about the news:

    Twitter: @Heartstopper_TV

    Here are executive producer Patrick Walters and creator Alice Oseman being all cute and coy about the announcement:

    How many more ? #Heartstopper 🍂✌️

    Twitter: @patwalterstv

    The peace sign is seemingly a bit of a trend, I think:

    See what I mean?


    Twitter: @SebastianCroft

    Here's Joe getting in on the action too:

    **Internally combusts** 🤯😆 #Heartstopper

    Twitter: @BuzzFeedUK

    There's no word yet on when the seasons will be released, but we'll keep you updated as soon as we know! For now, ✌️.

    Are you in love with Heartstopper? Check out our video with the Kit and Joe! <3

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