If You've Ever Been On Grindr For Even Like A Second, Congrats, You've Probably Experienced These Infuriating Things

    Conversations like this: "hey."

    Grindr – it can be a wonderful place if you're looking to scratch a particular itch. However, I think most users would agree it can also be a toxic hellhole full of awfulness.

    I've been on and off the gay community's "fave" dating app for a while now – here are some of the most frustrating things I've noticed people do on there.

    1. When they tell you to "read bio" but there's nothing there.

    2. When they link to their Instagram but it's private.

    3. Or when they ask for your Snapchat to send pics.

    4. When they have a photo with a friend who's better-looking than them.

    5. When their pictures are like ten years old or they look like are blurry pics taken in a dirty mirror.

    two photos one pixelated greyscale close up of a gut and another blurry pic of someone taking a photo in the mirror

    6. When they send "hey" and nothing else as a conversation starter.

    screengrabs from grindr of people saying hey at different times and days

    7. And when they say they're looking for "real conversation" but they only have one-word replies.

    8. When they tell you they can't talk because they're in a compromising situation.

    9. When they include "block if not interested" in their bio, and keep messaging you until you have to.

    10. A classic – when they flake out of nowhere.

    11. When they want your number straight away.

    12. When they add an emoji star to their username so that it looks like they're in your favourites.

    13. When they say someone is using their pictures in their bio.

    14. When they are masc-for-masc only.

    Screengrab messages from grindr show a man saying the nail varnish does nothing for me why would you make yourself less attractive to most gay men

    15. Just any discriminatory language on their profile or in their messages.

    A Black man reading a grindr profile that has been pixelated he reads vanilla or spice no chocolate nor rice and reacts well that's just mean

    16. When they put an emoji over another person's face in a photo.

    a group picture where three of the four people have emojis over their faces

    17. When they send you a dick pic of them sitting on the toilet.

    A man on the toilet with his trousers down has his phone in his hand and uses it

    18. And finally, the bane of every Grindr user's existence: blank profiles.

    19. Bonus (and part two of the above): when they ask you for pics despite not having ANY on their profile themselves!

    Have any of these happened to you? Did I miss anything out? Let us know in the comments!