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    Here's Where You Can Follow The "Great British Bake Off" 2021 Contestants On Social Media

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    As summer draws to a close, there are certain things you know you can look forward to to take the edge off of the cold weather – Christmas, Halloween (gay Christmas), and The Great British Bake Off, of course!

    Channel 4/Love Productions

    This year, the 12 bakers have quarantined together in order to get the chance to impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, and presenters Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding.

    Season twelve of the iconic baking competition is now upon us, and it's important we get to know the contestants because let's face it, we need to know who to stan!

    Channel 4/Love Productions

    STAN but never TROLL, please!

    So without further ado, here are the twelve bakers joining the competition this season:

    1. Amanda

    Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4/@amanda_foreverbaking / Via

    Amanda works for the Met and loves to bring her Greek-Cypriot heritage into her baking. She learned from a combination of mum and her paternal auntie, and when she's not in the kitchen, Amanda loves a good ol' outdoor swim!

    You can follow Amanda on Instagram here.

    2. Chigs

    Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4/@thelatebloomeruk / Via

    Like many of us, Chigs learned to love baking during lockdown, where he taught himself to master complex bakes and intricate chocolate work using online tutorials. He's also an adrenaline junkie – giving everything from bouldering to skydiving a go!

    You can follow Chigs on Instagram here.

    3. Crystelle

    Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4/@crystellepereira / Via

    Avid traveller and singer Crystelle loves to spice up her creations with spices from all of the places she’s visited. She was born in northwest London to Kenyan born, Portuguese-Goan parents, and enjoys helping her mum prepare family meals.

    You can follow Crystelle on Instagram here.

    4. Freya

    Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4/@freyacox_ / Via

    Freya is a longtime stan of the show with a passion for horses and for psychology, which she's currently studying. You'll often find her knocking up plant-based versions of classic bakes in the kitchen, and trying to fool her dad that they're not vegan!

    You can follow Freya on Instagram here and Twitter here.

    5. George

    Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4/@george_bake_ari / Via

    George's family life has always centred around food. He loves all the Greek-Cypriot classics, but often likes to bestow his bakes with classy vintage details. He lives in a house full of animals with his childhood sweetheart and their three children.

    You can follow George on Instagram here.

    6. Giuseppe

    Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4

    Bristol-based Giuseppe learned to cook from his father who is a professional chef. He's a self-confessed food snob who abhors mass-produced snacks, and much prefers Italian-inspired home-cooking – sounds bloody good to me!!

    You can follow Giuseppe on Instagram here and Twitter here.

    7. Jairzinho

    Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4/@baked_by_jairzinho / Via

    Jairzinho was fed up with bakes that didn’t deliver on flavour, and began baking himself in 2014, using unusual combinations like guava and chocolate. He loves to incorporate Caribbean spices into his bakes, and then will run off all the calories afterwards with a 'lil marathon.

    You can follow Jairzinho on Instagram here.

    8. Jürgen

    Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4/@juergenthebread / Via

    Unable to find traditional German bread here in the UK, Jürgen began baking his own and has turned it into a passion. He is particularly well-known for his Jewish challah bread, and for the celebration cakes that he loves to bake for friends and family.

    You can follow Jürgen on Instagram here and Twitter here.

    9. Maggie

    Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4/@maggietheseasidebaker / Via

    Retired midwife Maggie believes delivering a baby is excellent prep for taking part in Bake Off. A lover of bread, Maggie boasts an impressive collection of classic recipe books and loves to recreate traditional bakes when she's not canoeing, kayaking, or sailing.

    You can follow Maggie on Instagram here.

    10. Rochica

    Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4/@rochica__ / Via

    Rochica’s interest in baking developed when she was left unable to dance due to an injury. She's started dancing again, but still loves to bake in a way that reflects her Caribbean heritage – with flavour, passion, and love!

    You can follow Rochica on Instagram here and Twitter here.

    11. Tom

    Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4/@toofarfletched / Via

    Known by his family as the "midnight baker", Tom enjoys rustling up everything from pies and quiches to bread. His signature sticky toffee pudding cake – which he made for his dad four years ago – got him into baking properly, and now he's in the kitchen several times a week.

    You can follow Tom on Instagram here.

    12. Lizzie

    Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4/@lizzieacker_ / Via

    A girl after my own heart, Lizzie believes in simple presentation and flavour over precision. Although she's not a fan of cheese in bread, so our similarities end there. Lizzie's baking comfort zone is cake, but she loves experimenting and will give anything a go!

    You can follow Lizzie on Instagram here.

    You can catch The Great British Bake Off airing weekly on Channel 4 starting 21st September, and on All4 in the UK and Ireland.

    Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4

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