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Which Character From TV Or Film Do You Really Identify With?

Let's celebrate the best examples of on-screen representation in film and TV!

Have you ever watched a TV show or movie and thought that whoever made it really didn't understand the person they were to trying to depict?

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

I could sit here all day and list all the fails!

But sometimes, filmmakers do get their characters right and then we feel SEEN.

Synchronicity Films / Via

We want to know: which character, in film or television, do you closely identify with?

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Maybe the heroine looked like you...

Overbrook Entertainment / Via

...Or accurately described your culture...

Disney Pixar / Via

...Or the character's struggle mirrored that of your own.

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Whatever it is, we want to know! Tell us about a TV or film character that you identify with in the dropbox below, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.