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What's A Great Movie That Hollywood Could Never Get Away With Now?

I love me some White Chicks, but don't tell anyone.

We all have those movies that we love that are a little, shall we say... Un-PC. Lowkey amazing movies that, let's face it, probably wouldn't get made today.

My question is, what's a film you love that hasn't aged well???

Do you perhaps love White Chicks, even though it's kinda hella racist?

Maybe you love Mrs. Doubtfire, in spite of the fact that it involves major gaslighting and familial abuse.

Or maybe Shallow Hal floats your boat, ignoring the fact that its one of the most fat-phobic films ever made.

Whatever it may be, tell us, what's a movie you love that could never be made today and WHY in the comments below. You could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!