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    30 "Fear Street" Behind-The-Scenes Photos That'll Make You Love The Cast Even More

    What a ~killer~ cast.

    1. First, here's Emily Rudd getting meticulously painted in between takes to look like she's covered in blood.

    Jessica Miglio/Netflix

    2. And here's Sadie Sink and Ted Sutherland taking a quick refresher with director Leigh Janiak on the set of Fear Street Part Two: 1978.

    Jessica Miglio/Netflix

    3. This cute-as-heck photo of Kiana Madeira and Olivia Scott Welch needs to be my phone wallpaper immediately.

    4. McCabe Slye looking a little worse-for-wear thanks to the incredible makeup skills of Ellen Arden.

    5. But don't worry, I hear a good face mask lifts fake blood right off the skin!

    6. This photo of Sam Brooks sleeping soundly on set is truly precious.

    7. I can't get over how adorable Olivia looks in this picture from the Fear Street LA premiere!

    Jesse Grant / Via Getty Images for Netflix

    8. Sadie, Emily, and Ryan Simpkins playing with Sarah Fier's dead hand is honestly all you need to watch today.

    9. Just Sadie getting into character and showing off her ~very~ professional artwork for the set.

    10. A little behind-the-scenes look at THAT death scene, courtesy of FX makeup artist Christopher Nelson.

    11. Check out all the killers of The Fear Street Trilogy coming together for a quick group pic.

    Twitter: @bIoodymartha

    12. Ryan in their dressing room taking an instantly iconic photo with a cut-out of Kiana and Olivia just chilling in the corner.

    13. The Fear Street Trilogy cast taking a pic together between scenes.

    14. Olivia sharing her two makeup bags, which represent two very different vibes.

    15. Just a carousel of images of Fred Hechinger and Julia Rehwald being BFFs on set.

    16. Ryan giving out tips on how to get Alice's haircut in Fear Street Part Two: 1978.

    @FUYUKUZURYUU So the original cut was the first pic, then we went in with a razor and just made it more choppy and piecey, super uneven. Hope this helps!!

    Twitter: @ryan_the_ryan

    17. Here's McCabe, Sam, and Ryan acting up between scenes – how ass-inine!

    18. If Ruby Lane actor Jordyn DiNatale's hair is not giving you life in this photo, I don't know what will!

    19. Ryan posing with the sort evil, sentient mass that lives in the caves below Shadyside (and yes, that is my username on Grindr).

    20. Just Michael Provost dancing in between takes in a towel.

    21. Olivia spitting truths about the shooting schedule of Fear Street.

    no thoughts just olivia and kiana as sam and deena bts #FearStreet

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @eranasvoice

    22. Kiana, Olivia, Julia, Fred, and Benjamin Flores Jr. posing for a cute pic in their costumes.

    23. This is truly my favourite photo of Sarah Fier actor Elizabeth Scopel taking some time off from being Union's most wanted person.

    24. Just this photo of Ryan and the women of Fear Street being utter badasses at the premiere.

    25. Stuntperson Emily Brobst poses as Billy Barker, the young boy who murdered his family in 1922 with a baseball bat.

    26. Here's Drew Scheid and McCabe posing with the Nightwing camp sign, because why not?

    27. Marcelle LeBlanc and Chiara Aurelia proving that they are anything BUT mean girls on the set of Fear Street Part Two: 1978.

    28. Emily and Julia looking unfazed about being "dead" in between scenes is simply the best.

    the category is actresses who enjoy their characters dying way too much #FearStreet

    Twitter: @shannonmfberry

    29. Here's Olivia and Kiana celebrating wrapping the trilogy with these epic photo booth pics.

    fixed it. you're welcome. is it Friday yet? #FearStreet #SAMEENA

    Twitter: @_notslytherin

    30. And finally, you gotta love this portrait of the cast in their oh-so '90s costumes!

    Twitter: @MssCami

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