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    Updated on Oct 25, 2019. Posted on Oct 25, 2019

    Snatch Game Happened Last Night On "Drag Race UK" – Here's What You Might Have Missed

    Including the best "Drag Race" impression of all time!

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    Welcome back to the Buzzfeed Drag Race UK weekly round-up with your resident correspondents: Sam, Jeff, Tom and Josie!

    Sam Cleal / Via Buzzfeed

    This week was the Snatch Game episode, in which queens impersonate celebrities on a parody version of The Match Game. EVERYONE looks forward to this hilarious challenge, and it's definitely the point at which the strong get separated from the weak.

    “Vivienne’s rolodex of impressions”

    BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC iPlayer

    The Vivienne proved this week that she’s not just a pretty face – she’s a formidable tour-de-force of funny!

    Josie: Where can I buy a ticket to The Vivienne’s inevitable tour of the UK doing her amazing impressions? I need them right now.

    Sam: The quality of her impressions is like... SNL levels of brilliance. I watched her Cilla Black about 12 times! The Vivienne is quickly proving she can literally do anything.

    Jeff: HOW DOES SHE DO IT!? I was really hoping for her to be Kim Woodburn after the first episode, but OMG that Donald Trump impression – it might be my top Snatch Game performance of all time!

    Maxi-Challenge: Snatch Game!

    Guy Levy/BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC

    The queens took on a multitude of famous faces to answer questions from RuPaul and make us laugh out loud in the Snatch Game!

    Tom: I think we've ALL been looking forward to this one – the UK lot stepping up to the oft-failed beast that is the SNATCH GAME. Expectations are high, girls – don't f*ck it up!

    Jeff: To say I was impressed by The Vivienne would be an understatement. She looked the part. She sounded the part. She did every single Trump-ism naturally and flawlessly, from The Wall to Trump’s other infamous quote that I won’t put into writing – I’m still not over it! Crystal was such a disappointment. This was her first sign of weakness in the whole series and I’m pretty bummed about it.

    Josie: This is my first ever Snatch Game experience and I was not disappointed! Baga Chipz deserves a special mention for her portrayal of Maggie Thatcher (extra points for the red contact lenses). I really loved how she vibed off of The Vivienne!

    Tom: The other queens turning away Sum Ting Wong from her Nigella Lawson character (a sure success) was shade incarnate. Good game playing there.

    The Runway: Genetically Modified Drag Queens

    Guy Levy/BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC

    This week's runway was – erm – varied, with queens showcasing their best body-modification drag. The judges loved Divina, Blu, and Crystal's looks but didn't appreciate Baga and Sum Ting's runway presentations.

    Josie: I loved this runway theme but some of the outfits just fell flat. Sum Ting Wong’s concept was good but the execution wasn’t big enough, while Crystal went full throttle! Big fan of Geri saying the Vivienne’s catsuit was “pooey” – it was an apt description tbh.

    Jeff: I don’t think anyone was on the same page for that runway concept. Tubes to breathe out of your belly button? Why did Divina and Viv both look like the same garden gnome? Blu really blew (lol) me away with that one eye bit – I think that was the most on-brief. And Crystal proved yet again that she is a look queen; I loved the added touch of the angle grinder too!

    Sam: I didn't quite get Sum Ting's half-reference Britney's "Oops I Did It Again" look? But like her runways before, I don't think she necessarily deserved all the criticism she received. Minging? MINGING?

    “Is something wrong with Sum Ting Wong?”

    BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC iPlayer

    Sum Ting Wong said she was in her head in this episode, with her Snatch Game choice of character and runway look both failing to impress.

    Sam: Poor Sum Ting Wong just had no idea what she was doing this episode! It only needed Blu Hydrangea being slightly shady to psych her out and unfortunately you need more nerve than that to be Britain's next drag superstar!

    Josie: I feel for Sum Ting Wong – we all have those days where nothing seems to go the way we want it to. IMHO, she was the right one to go this week though, but I’ll miss her! 💔

    Tom: Sum Ting Wong saying that part of her heart had gone when Vinegar left was totes emosh but also really melodramatic and I lived for it!

    “Divina – don’t get bitter, just get better"

    BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC iPlayer

    Divina showed she’s feeling the pressure this week when she snapped at Baga and assured the other queens she wasn’t to be messed with.

    Josie: I’m back and forth on whether I like Divina or not. She seems like the one with the most experience, so maybe she thought she was going to sail through the competition and now she's getting frustrated that that isn’t the case.

    Tom: I reckon Divina is actually really sweet and is maybe being a little performative for the cameras. You stay classy, De Campo!

    Jeff: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a queen back down so easily and then give away her costume to help out another contestant! I think Divina’s a bit of a softie deep down.

    The Lip Sync

    BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC iPlayer

    Sum Ting predictably landed in the bottom with Crystal, who's Snatch Game impersonation failed to wow the judges, despite her favourable runway. They lip-synced to Spice Girl's "Spice Up Your Life" and Sum Ting was sent home.

    Tom: HAI, SI, JA, HOLD TIGHT! Lip syncing a Spice Girls song in front of Ginger Spice was an iconic moment; Geri was clearly living which was amazing to watch. The lip sync was deservedly won by Crystal, despite neither of them being particularly good. For a minute there I thought she was going to pull a Valentina and keep that stretcher in her mouth!

    Jeff: Ugh, another disappointing lip sync, made even more disappointing by the fact that every gay knows the words to this song and has danced to it over 12 million times, at least! This should have been much better considering the years of practice we’ve all had, amiright?!

    Sam: For a minute, I thought they would both go home! I wonder if the American drag community is watching these lip syncs and wondering WTF is going on. Lacklustre is putting it mildly, ladies.

    This week's extra special guests

    Guy Levy/BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC

    Queen of ITV daytime Lorraine Kelly and documentary darling Stacey Dooley joined RuPaul as contestants on Snatch Game; then Geri Horner (Ginger Spice) took to the stage to help judge the runway!

    Josie: I love the Spice Girls and I love Geri, but she just seemed so stiff in this episode! Maybe it was that body-con dress keeping her all wrapped up. Her moment with Sum Ting Wong at the end was cute though.

    Sam: In Snatch Game, Stacey Dooley was pretty polished I thought, but Lorraine Kelly – as much as I love her – just needed to answer the questions Ru was asking her! Loved her boob squeeze though – yas Lorraine!

    Tom: Can we also talk about how uncomfortable Geri was when Divina did her Posh Spice impersonation? Fabulous.

    Predictions For Next Week

    BBC/World of Wonder / Via BBC iPlayer

    What will happen next week when the six remaining queens have to form girl bands and sing LIVE?

    Sam: I have to say I LOVE this type of challenge: gimme "Les Chicken Wings", gimme "The Kitty Girls", gimme "Tan For You". This will test a new ability in the queens – singing live! I'm VERY sad Sum Ting isn't here to show off her skills but I'm hoping Cheryl gets to push ahead. She has such a great attitude!

    Tom: It's gonna get savage! With the amount of girls left in the competition dwindling and the crown drawing ever nearer, queens are going to start going for the jugular. Expect a Baga and Vivienne fallout.

    Jeff: I’m expecting Cheryl to shine! No clue if she can sing, but she’s the dancer of the season, so I’m expecting big things. The Vivienne can do no wrong, and I know she can sing, so she’s bound to have another great week. Based on Blu’s previous performance skills I’m expecting her in the bottom and maybe Baga too.

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