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    We Found Out How "Normal" The New Cast Of "RuPaul's Drag Race UK" Season Four Are

    "No. Am I a freak? Absolutely not."

    Alright divas, it's time for another crop of British queens to bring it to the runway for season four of RuPaul's Drag Race UK.

    drag queens pose in a big group

    I always feel like a season of Drag Race is that much more ~delectable~ when one knows the contestants a little better, wouldn't you agree? In that vein, we sat down with the girls to play a little game of...

    Graphic reads how normal am i with a thinking emoji next to it

    We asked this year's competitors to answer 12 provocative lifestyle questions to find out how "normal" their habits and preferences are. Alright, let's get into it!

    1. My first question is, would you ever hook up with a friend's ex?

    Danny Beard: Yes, if they're fit.

    Starlet: Um, isn't that breaking girl code?

    Le Fil: Well what's the gap we're talking about here. If it's like ten years then it's okay.

    Black Peppa: I don't know, if you're my friend, what am I taking your ex for? I'm too loyal for that, that's a bit dutty.

    Cheddar Gorgeous: I think the real question is is that a normal thing to do, or an abnormal thing to do? I didn't know we were going to get into an issue of morality today! I'm just happy to be wherever I am with whoever I am.

    Black Peppa:

    2. Do you clap when a plane lands?

    Dakota Schiffer: No. Am I a freak? Absolutely not.

    Danny Beard: Yeah, major red flag. If any of my friends clapped at a plane landing, I'd be booking a new hotel.

    Dakota Schiffer: My mum's an air hostess and she says Americans do it a lot. Also, so much is done by computers, so you're just clapping for AI!

    Pixie Polite: Yeah, it's like when people clap at the end of movies… Robert Downey Jr. can't hear you. Save your claps for normal times like at the end of a show or when someone saves a baby from a burning building. That's pretty cool.

    Black Peppa: When I was young, I used to fly to Jamaica where my grandparents live and people would clap for those planes because they weren't as high-tech, shall we say. So that made sense!

    Cheddar Gorgeous: Sometimes I do get involved with the clapping, but it's more that I just want to be a part of something, it's not really an expression of who I am. I just get caught up in the moment. Everyone's excited, people are clapping, we're all glad to be alive or at least in a new place. So yes, I'm here for it.

    Dakota Schiffer:

    3. Have you ever been starstruck?

    Le Fil: I was quite overwhelmed when we met Dannii Minogue, but I have to say Beyoncé. She used to come into where I worked, and the first time I met her she was in her full Sasha Fierce moment. She tapped me on the shoulder and said, "you're so cute". I was proper starstruck, she's a goddess!

    Sminty Drop: I mean, every morning when I look in the mirror. No, but I did see Naomi Campbell walking through a fashion week party once and I nearly threw up on the floor. I was crying and vomiting and shaking all at once!

    Starlet: I was pretty starstruck when I first saw Ru. I love makeup so seeing her in person was amazing.

    Danny Beard: Yeah, the first time Ru walked in that werk room, it was like year seven when your headteacher walked in. Everyone's just standing there, no one talks, we're all just waiting for Ru to talk. You are starstruck, it's like Ru fucking Paul!

    Baby: When I met Shea Couleé, actually. Normally I try to be really professional, but I freaked out a little bit with Shea. I didn't tell her, but she's definitely the reason I do drag. I love her!

    Dakota Schiffer: Yes, by one of the queens on the cast! When Cheddar walked in I almost fell off my school. I was like, "I have to compete with them, who's played this sick game on me?"

    Black Peppa: I was starstruck by the guest judges, in particular, Olly Alexander. I've had the biggest crush on him for years! And FKA, of course. Also Cheddar for me too. I knew them from the clubs, they're amazing.

    Cheddar Gorgeous:

    4. Did you have an imaginary friend when you were a kid?

    Danny Beard: I had no real friends or imaginary friends growing up, as you can tell.

    Just May: Does Geri Halliwell count?

    Sminty Drop: No, but I feel like every time you watch a movie or something, kids are always talking to their imaginary friends. Like I'm creative, I always have been, but I just can't sit in my room and be like *mimes talking to self*. You know?

    Copper Top: No, but I do have a childhood bear still with me called Oscar. I had a lot of operations as a child, and Oscar has had the same operations as me. We have the same scars, we are one!

    Cheddar Gorgeous: When I was growing up?! I still have an imaginary friend. I struggle to figure out who the imaginary people are and who the real people are in my world, to be honest. I also have a childhood bear as well – no shame, no shame whatsoever.

    Danny Beard:

    5. Can you roll your tongue?

    Dakota Schiffer: *rolls her tongue*. Now you have the worst screenshot of me ever.

    Cheddar Gorgeous: I'm actually incredibly offended by this question, Sam. The idea that one would be more normal than the other is a disgrace. You must know whether you can roll your tongue or not is, in fact, a genetic trait. I'm sick and tired of you assuming I am more or less normal simply because I can't roll my tongue. I can do plenty of other things with my tongue, I'll have you know.

    Copper Top: I can confirm Cheddar is right there.

    Copper Top:

    6. Would you go to a funeral in drag?

    Le Fil: For me, drag is malleable, and it's sometimes about just wearing femme clothes as opposed to serving a full Liza Minelli fantasy. So I definitely would. 

    Danny Beard: It depends who's died really. Years ago, one of the most iconic performers on the strip – she's called Nana – she passed away and load of queens went to her funeral in drag cos it was respectful. I think if I died though, I'd want all the attention on me. In fact, if anyone comes to my funeral in drag, I'll haunt them!

    Sminty Drop: See, I would love to do that. I'd wear a black veil and everything if I could. You know what I could see? All of us going to a funeral in drag.

    Jonbers Blonde: It would be like the end of Death Becomes Her.

    Sminty Drop: Do you remember where you parked the car?

    Jonbers Blonde: I've DJ'ed at wake, but I know my friend Ginger Johnson has hosted a funeral before. To be honest, I want someone to DJ at my wake. I want people to pop the champagne, I'm dead, why not?!

    Jonbers Blonde:

    7. Do you sleep with the door open or closed?

    Dakota Schiffer: Closed! What am I living in Paranormal Activity? Am I asking to die? Whenever I have a sleepover I also make my friends sleep closest to the door. You've got to think about these things, survival of a fittest!

    Black Peppa: I don't care! If someone's trying me, I'll fight. I guess I do like to keep my door open because it makes me feel safer to see the rest of the house and my sister and my mum's rooms.

    Le Fil: See, I live with other people but I'm always starkers, so it has to be closed for me. I don't need drafts in places they don't need to be!

    Pixie Polite: Definitely closed because to this day, I have this irrational childhood fear of ghost animals. I don't know where it comes from! So if I watch a scary movie or a trippy TikTok, I have to close the door to keep ghost crocodiles out.

    Pixie Polite:

    8. Have you hooked up with someone without knowing their name?

    Starlet: I don't know... I'm usually quite responsible with these things.

    Sminty Drop: I think only twice, and the first time I seriously had my beer goggles on. I literally thought I was going home with Usher! I had to slip out the back door in the morning. That's all in the past for me now, I'm in a very stable relationship these days.

    Danny Beard: Yeah, hasn't everyone? We've all been in a dark corner of the club about to get down and dirty. You don't stop proceedings to be like, "what's your name?"

    Sam: Some people today have said they haven’t.

    Danny Beard: Liza Minnelli lies. If they've said, they’re lying.

    Le Fil: I mean, we're gay people, we make our own rules. Guys, I don't need to know your name, I just need to know what I can do with it.

    Just May: I don't want to know anyone's name, I just wanna know their shoe size.

    Le Fil:

    9. When you talk to someone, which part of their face do you look at?

    Just May: The crotch.

    Sam: How did I know you were going to say that?

    Just May: I'm nothing if not predictable, I suppose.

    Baby: I think i'm the eyes. I love a bit of eye contact, me.

    Black Peppa: Yeah, eyes are the windows to the soul. I love staring at people's eyes immediately. I think they can be captivating, especially for a drag queen who's wearing a lot of makeup.

    Danny Beard: I look at the penis. You know what it depends. I probably shouldn't say so, but if they've got an unusual or large or really nice feature on their face, I'll be looking at that!

    Sminty Drop: Sometimes I get overly conscious about this. I'm definitely the kind of person who thinks too much about normal things like where to look at someone's face during a conversation. Like, I'll start thinking about how you can't look in both eyes at once, and then I start trying to do that, then I can see them watching me do it and I start to freak out about which eye to look at. Then I look at their mouth, but I worry that they think I think there's something in their teeth. Eventually, I just have to walk away apologising.

    Sminty Drop:

    10. You find £20 on the floor at work – what do you do?

    Jonbers Blonde: If I was on the street, I would give it to a homeless person or somebody who's on the streets. If I'm at work, then I'm buying myself a drink or putting it towards a new wig!

    Le Fil: Yeah definitely! You can't shout in the club, "who's twenty is this?" I'm straight down to the bar with that twenty quick.

    Baby: For real, I'd assume it was a tip and put it in my bra. I'd be like, amazing, I did such a great job today! I'm taking this home and getting something for me.

    Just May: All I'll say is, if ain't nailed down around a drag queen, it's going in their pocket. I'll let you guess where this fabric comes from *gestures to self*. It was the werk room.

    Pixie Polite: I mean, i'm not going to lie and say I didn't also take some fabric. I swept that table of hairspray clean too.

    Just May: Oh, if I could've taken that red wheeley station home with me, I would've. I should've hired a van and gone to town!

    Just May:

    11. Do you add water or milk first to tea?

    Starlet: I add water, milk, and then like five spoons of sugar!

    Dakota Schiffer: Same, I hate how normal I'm coming across, but who adds milk first? It doesn't make any logical sense because the tea bag isn't hot enough to do anything. I don't understand it.

    Pixie Polite: Oh mama, it's definitely water first with tea and coffee. You let that brew sit, and then you top it up with milk to get the colour.

    Sminty Drop: My nan got me into tea and she loves a milky, sugary tea. Actually, because it's so milky, she calls it "titty tea". So she'll offer a titty tea to people! I love it.

    Cheddar Gorgeous: I would say, why add milk at all? Why on earth would you put the juice of a cow into a beautiful, delicate drink like tea? You lose all of the flavour.


    12. Do you believe in astrology?

    Black Peppa: For me, I believe it in for entertainment purposes. I love to find excuses that justify what I do, but it's not that deep. It does feel quite nice to have something to believe in, but I think horoscopes kind of go with anyone's personality and situation, don't they?

    Starlet: Yeah, like, the little stories are kind of cool to hear, but I don't know if I like solidly believe in it. I was at a concert once, and me and my best friend overheard this girl saying "I'm a Sagittarius and my mum's a Taurus; we're not made to be together, but we make it work." She said it so seriously and we died.

    Pixie Polite: I don't either, but I do believe in life after love. To be honest, I'm a Leo, and most of the time people have bad things to say about my people. Maybe that's why!


    There we go! I hope you feel like you know the queens ~much better~. RuPaul's Drag Race UK airs tonight at 9pm on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer, and continues on Thursdays in the UK.