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    "Derry Girls" Is Coming To An End, So Let's Look Back On The 27 Funniest Moments From Seasons One And Two

    "I do enjoy a good statue it has to be said."

    Derry Girls has returned for a third and final season and I am over the moon that this brilliant show it back!

    I think I speak for many when I say we're sad to see this show end, but before we head back to Northern Ireland for one last hurrah, allow us to recap for you the most ~cracker~ moments from last two seasons!

    1. When Orla wanted to do her book report on Erin's diary.

    Erin says you better not have brought my diary to school and Orla I had to, I’m doing my book report on it

    2. Every time Colm bored his family to tears.

    Colm describes the time two men broke into his house in a dull manner and his family watch and are bored

    3. When James found out about his mum's attempt to abort him.

    Michelle reveals that James mother went to England to get an abortion but didn't and says lucky for you James James looks shocked and says I didn't know that

    Here's the scene in full:

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    4. When the gang had to stop tracking down Erin's exchange student frenemy Katya so that they could all dance to Whigfield's "Saturday Night".

    5. When Jenny put Michelle in her place regarding her "bullying" of the first years.

    Jenny enquires as to whether Michelle was bullying first year students to which Michelle says we said we were gonna beat them up as a joke and Jenny replied that's not actually funny is it

    6. Every time Michelle was mean to James.

    Katya calls James sexy to which Michelle replies is her English not great

    7. And all the times he got called the "wee English fella"...

    The girls are called to Sister Michael's office by name except for James who is called the wee English fella

    8. ...or is collectively referred to as a girl.

    Sister Michael addresses the girls on a bus ignoring the fact that James is a boy

    9. When Aunt Sarah's grief for the family dog wasn't quite as touching as it could've been.

    Aunt Sarah says don't talk to me I was in bits last night poor Tonto before Erin corrects her by saying her dog was called toto

    10. When Mary told Maeve — her dad's new girlfriend — that she wouldn't replace her mum.

    Mary stands next to Sarah and says I just wanna let you know Maeve, we’ll never call you mammy to which Maeve replies confused okay

    11. Every time Jenny sang her heart out in assembly (especially her "Monday Morning" song, which I still think about today).

    Here's the stellar performance in full:

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    12. The time they were all escaping Derry and Erin though the big clock was a bomb.

    Erin and her family stand by the car in the middle of the irish countryside before she says there's a bomb and freaks out to which her mum replies Erin, that’s just the big clock

    13. When Orla wanted to wear a shell suit to prom.

    14. Just Michelle's hilarious take on British and Irish history.

    Michelle sums up Irish history by saying We got the gist they ran out of spuds everyone was raging

    15. And when she called out the English for being the absolute worst.

    Michelle calls out James saying If your lot had stopped invading us for 5 fucking minutes there’d be a lot less to wade through

    16. When Erin and Clare had this crushing realisation.

    Erin asks Clare whether she has a trust fund and Clare replies Nah, according to ma, we’re actually write poor to which Erin says Aye I think we might be too

    17. When Sarah greeted Fionnula in the nicest of ways.

    Sarah walks into the living room where Fionnula is sitting in a chair and says Ach, Fionnula, what about you? I thought I could smell vinegar

    18. When Sister Michael kept it real like no nun ever has before (probably).

    19. When Erin became the editor of her school's newspaper and wanted to run a feature entitled "Shoes of the World".

    Erin explains her concept for shoes of the world as different shoes from around the world with pictures and then James says he's not convinced by it to which Erin admits it is shit

    20. Every time Michelle proved she had a one-track mind.

    Michelle stares at a boy off camera and holds a teddy bear with its legs open saying I’m gonna keep mine on me bed where I sleep in me knickers

    21. When no one could think of any similarities between Catholics and Protestants.

    22. But they could think of plenty of differences!

    A boy calls out that Catholics really buzz off statues to which Sister Michael says I do enjoy a good statue it has to be said and Orla then adds Protestants HATE Abba

    23. When Orla and James couldn't help but freak out a protestant boy on a school trip.

    James tells a boy on a school trip that he is a lad because he likes beer and poker and tits to which Orla replies Yeah he may be a lad John but I can offer your protection I have a hunting knife

    24. When Sister Michael made this ~accurate~ assessment of Jenny's future.

    25. The time Erin was perhaps too honest with her pals.

    Erin leans against a bridge and says I just think it might be time I moved on friendship-wise to which Clare replies You are aware you’re talking to your current friends

    26. When Ms De Brún went through everyone's poems at the front of class.

    A teacher stands at the front of the class holding a stack of papers she picks out James's poem An English Rose Among Thorns and says  I can see why you would want to remain anonymous before complimenting Orla's dog drawing

    27. And finally, when Sarah wore a white dress to a wedding and was totally oblivious to everyone's disdain for her.

    Here's the clip in full:

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    Did we miss your favourite Derry Girls moment? Let us know in the comments below!

    Correction: I've removed the moment with the gag about Childline as you all correctly pointed out that the "Esther" in question was Dame Esther Rantzen who founded the charity. I'm dumb and thought Esther was just an advisor Clare knew by name, but you've got to admit that would've been a funny joke too!