18 Fascinating "Cruella" Behind-The-Scenes Facts Every Fan Needs To Know

    I knew those dogs were CGI'ed!

    1. It was during the filming of La La Land that Emma Stone found out about Cruella.

    2. Emma Stone found it easy to relate to this new version of Cruella, specifically because she too tends to compartmentalise her life.

    3. She used her time playing Sally Bowles in Cabaret to inform her work on Cruella.

    4. Speaking of Glenn Close, the movie legend served as an executive producer for Cruella.

    5. Emily Beecham – who plays Cruella's mother in the film – is just five years older than Emma Stone, who is thirty years younger than Emma Thompson!

    6. Emma Stone took her inspiration for Cruella's laugh from Hollywood icon Tallulah Bankhead.

    7. Disney would not allow Cruella to use her signature cigarette holder so as not to promote smoking to children.

    8. Two-time Oscar-winning costume designer Jenny Beavan designed all of Cruella’s outfits, and has collaborated with Emma Thompson several times before.

    9. Emma Stone's favourite costume was the garbage truck gown with a massive 40 foot train!

    10. Emma Thompson found her costumes incredibly trying, and had to have a team of people to help her use the toilet!

    11. The dogs were CGI'ed to look nasty.

    12. This is Gizmo the dog's second Disney film!

    13. Emma Stone couldn't keep a straight face during takes when Emma Thompson had to throw her lunch out of the window of a moving car.

    14. Nicole Kidman was originally considered top choice for the Baroness before Emma Thompson took the role.

    15. And Dev Patel was in the running for the role of Roger Dearly!

    16. Shooting had to be delayed because Emma Stone broke her shoulder in two places and had to receive physical therapy.

    17. Despite Cruella being an English character, Emma Stone is the latest in a long line of American actors to play the iconic antagonist. In fact, Cruella has never been played by English actor!

    18. Lastly, Cruella was released on 28th May 2021, which would have been Disney star Cameron Boyce’s 22nd birthday.

    Cruella is now available in cinemas and to stream on Disney+ with Premiere access.

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