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Celebrate The Last Few Hours Of 2021 With These Fun Quizzes From This Year

Presenting the best of British!

ATTENTION: this is not a quiz, it's a collection of fun quizzes from August - December 2021 — in one place for your convenience!

1. Do You Think These Christmas Flavours Are Underrated, Overrated Or Appropriately Rated?

Getty Images

I'm convinced some of these only exist for decoration purposes. Take the quiz here.

2. I'll Be Impressed If You Can Name All 10 Countries That End In 'Land' Or 'Lands!

Getty Images / NBC

You'll have the easy ones, but there are a couple of head-scratchers! Take the quiz here.

3. Here Are 15 Frustrating Age Gaps Between Actors – Who Do You Think Would've Been A Better Choice?

New Line Cinema/Jamie Jesse Grant / Getty Images

30 years is a little much, no? Take the quiz here.

4. If You've Read 17/24 Of These Classics You're A Total Bookworm

Penguin/Jonathan Cape

I have Great Expectations for your literary knowledge. Take the quiz here.

5. Hailee Steinfeld Has Been In Over 22 Films And TV Shows – Have You Seen Them All?

Paramount Pictures/A24

From True Grit to Hawkeye! Take the quiz here.

6. Answer These Christmassy Questions And We'll Reveal Which Part Of A Christmas Dinner You Are

Victoria Jones/PA Images / Getty Images

Opening presents on Christmas Eve is defo sprouty behaviour. Take the quiz here.

7. People Are Voting On Who Should Star In A Live-Action Version Of "Anastasia"

20th Century Fox/Stefanie Keenan / WireImage / Getty Images

Take your time, there's no need for Russian here. Take the quiz here.

8. Do You Prefer The American Or British Version Of These 10 Foods?

Getty Images

Do you like biscuits or biscuits? Take the quiz here.

9. If You Can Name These 19 Countries That End In Two Consonants It Means You Have A High IQ

HBO / Getty Images

How did I not notice that ALL countries end in vowels?? Take the quiz here.

10. Would You Wear These Iconic Movie Outfits To A Party Or Not?

Paramount Pictures/Sony Pictures Releasing

Put your gladrags on and let's go party!!! Take the quiz here.

11. You Probably Don't Know The First "Harry Potter" Movie As Well As You Thought You Did: Test Yourself With This Quiz

Warner Bros.

Do you look into the Mirror of Erised and see yourself passing this quiz? Take the quiz here.

12. There's So Many Celeb Look-A-Likes I'm Seeing Double, Maybe You Can Tell Them Apart

Paramount Pictures/Fox Searchlight Pictures

What do you mean they're not related?? Take the quiz here.

13. If You Can Identify 10/12 Of These Animals We Drew From Memory, I'll Be Seriously Impressed

Josie Ayre/BuzzFeed

Featuring all your freaky favourites! Take the quiz here.

14. Only "New Girl" Superfans Will Be Able To Get All Of These Questions Right


Who from the gang has known Nick since childhood? Take the quiz here.

15. These Are The Books I Think You'll Enjoy Based On Star Sign

Orion Children's Books / Getty Images

Not sure what to read next? Let's look to the stars (and TikTok). Take the quiz here.

16. Here Are 14 Classic Food Disputes, Help Me Settle Them

Getty Images

Mash, chips, dauphinoise, or roasties – you can only pick one! Take the quiz here.

19. You Probably Don't Know "Bridesmaids" As Well As You Thought You Did: Test Yourself With This Quiz

Universal Pictures

Let's see who knows their Bill Cosby from their Bill Cozbi! Take the quiz here.