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    Here Are 20 Things That I, A Brit, Find Confusing About The USA

    Having just been to the US, I have some questions.

    1. Do you really send each other Halloween cards?

    2. Why is the "walk" man not green?

    3. And when there's no stop sign but there is a crossing, can you just walk out in the road?

    4. Why is there so much water in the bowl of the toilet?

    American toilets are weird. Way too much water in them. THERE, I SAID IT.

    For more on this, because it is a hot button issue.

    5. Also, why must every men's room have a dedicated lower urinal?

    6. At what point do you not tip?

    7. Why is paying on card so confusing?

    8. Why can't you walk anywhere?

    9. WTF is root beer? And why?

    10. Why do bars, stores, and restaurants always have American football on in the background?

    11. Why are all your dollars the same colour?

    12. And while I'm on the subject, why is there a one dollar bill and a one dollar coin?

    13. Why do you advertise prescription medicine on TV?

    I still think it's weird that it's legal to advertise prescription medicine on TV here in the US.

    That seems like asking for trouble.

    14. When did you lose control of portion size per person?

    15. Why are you obsessed with ice?

    16. Why do you smile at each other in the street?

    17. Why is everything so overly sweet?

    18. Do you really need to ID me when I'm clearly old AF?

    19. Does everything require a drive-thru?

    Sana all mag drive thru w babe lolz

    It's known fact that people in America just have less time on their hands than the rest of the world population.

    And finally...

    20. What's with all the condiments?