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    24 British Actors I'm Stunned Didn't Make The Cut For The "Harry Potter" Movies

    No room for Tilda? Okayyyy.

    The Harry Potter films are well known for their use of British and Irish actors only, which, IMO, made them as indelible as they are.

    Even though the OG cast was amazing, I'm wondering why these 25 British greats were overlooked when it came to casting the movies...

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    1. Tilda Swinton

    2. Judi Dench

    3. Colin Firth

    4. Idris Elba

    5. Jennifer Saunders

    6. Richard E. Grant

    7. Joanna Lumley

    8. Dev Patel

    9. Meera Syal

    10. James McAvoy

    11. Kathy Burke

    12. Daniel Kaluuya

    13. Stephen Fry

    14. Kate Winslet

    15. Tim Curry

    16. Richard Ayoade

    17. Anthony Hopkins

    18. Rupert Everett

    19. Celia Imrie

    20. Naomie Harris

    21. Ben Kingsley

    22. Michael Sheen

    23. Alan Cumming

    24. Christopher Lee

    What are your thoughts? Are there any British actors I missed out? Should I leave well enough alone? Comment below!


    Saoirse Ronan was previously included in this list but has been removed due to the fact that she is Irish-American, and not British.