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    I Found Out Americans Don't Have A Boxing Day So I Made Up A Film To Explain What Happens

    Strap yourself in, it's about to get real British.

    Boxing Day, aka the day after Christmas, is a national holiday here in the UK. Historically, it has connections to gift-giving and charity, but nowadays it's more of a day to alleviate one's Christmas hangover.

    BUT, I just found out that Americans don't have such a thing! And while you're not missing out on much, I thought I would still take the time to imagine what one of those ensemble cast movies (think Valentine's Day or Love Actually) would look like if it were about Boxing Day!

    Below are some of my suggested storylines based on REAL Boxing Day activities.

    1. A middle-aged couple take their new dog for a walk and have an epiphany.

    2. A family take their kids to the seaside for the day, but it's not as easy as it seems.

    3. A girl meets some old friends down the pub, but will she run into her ex?

    4. Two siblings race to spend Boxing Day with their Dad's side of the family, but will they make it in time?

    5. A woman tries to initiate a game night with friends, but things don't go as planned.

    6. Two friends try to finish their Christmas leftovers, but is that all they're doing?

    7. A guy meets his girlfriend's family, although they don't see eye to eye.

    8. Two guys meet at a local family disco and hit it off.

    9. A couple decides to have company over but they are out of drinks!

    There you go – Boxing Day: The Film! Out in cinemas never.