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    I Found Out Americans Don't Have A Boxing Day So I Made Up A Film To Explain What Happens

    Strap yourself in, it's about to get real British.

    Boxing Day, aka the day after Christmas, is a national holiday here in the UK. Historically, it has connections to gift-giving and charity, but nowadays it's more of a day to alleviate one's Christmas hangover.

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    If you're lucky enough not to be working, you get a glorified day off to get up late, lounge around, continue eating beyond your capacity, see family, and generally take things easy.

    BUT, I just found out that Americans don't have such a thing! And while you're not missing out on much, I thought I would still take the time to imagine what one of those ensemble cast movies (think Valentine's Day or Love Actually) would look like if it were about Boxing Day!

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    Below are some of my suggested storylines based on REAL Boxing Day activities.

    1. A middle-aged couple take their new dog for a walk and have an epiphany.

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    Cynthia (Tilda Swinton) has gifted her wife Rose (Olivia Colman) a puppy for Christmas, as Rose has been feeling down ever since her cheese-sculpting business went under. When Cynthia manages to convince Rose to take the puppy for its first walk, Rose realises there's more to life than a malleable cheddar.

    2. A family take their kids to the seaside for the day, but it's not as easy as it seems.

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    Meanwhile Harry (Idris Elba) and his wife Beth (Emily Blunt) are attempting to take their kids to the seaside for fish and chips, but nothing's easy when you've got a three-, five-, and seven-year-old to contend with!

    3. A girl meets some old friends down the pub, but will she run into her ex?

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    Ayesha (Naomi Scott) has agreed to meet some old schoolmates down the pub for a pint or two, but she's worried her ex Blake (Joe Dempsie) will be there. They had a tough breakup, and low-key still love each other, so seeing him will be confusing. Can her sister (Zawe Ashton) talk her into going, and what will happen when sees Blake?

    4. Two siblings race to spend Boxing Day with their Dad's side of the family, but will they make it in time?

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    Fraternal twins Adam (Asa Butterfield) and Lily (Maisie Williams) are on a road trip from Penzance to Perth. They've spent the run-up to Christmas with their mum and stepdad, now they're off to see their dad (Ewan McGregor) and stepmum (Kate Winslet). But with such a long drive and roadwork all the way, will Adam and Lily make it in time for the annual family charades tournament?

    5. A woman tries to initiate a game night with friends, but things don't go as planned.

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    Lynn (Kathy Burke) is trying to get a game of Boggle going with her friends Sonia (Meera Syal), Grace (Fiona Shaw), Trish (Julia Davis), and husband Greg (Ray Winstone). But when there's a small pan fire in the kitchen, Lynn realises she would rather watch Eastenders in bed than make up words with company.

    6. Two friends try to finish their Christmas leftovers, but is that all they're doing?

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    Best friends Ellie (Emma Watson) and Will (Taron Egerton) attempt to eat their way through the leftovers of a big Christmas dinner, but when their hands meet over the sprouts, both start to feel things they've never felt before.

    7. A guy meets his girlfriend's family, although they don't see eye to eye.

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    Matt (Henry Golding) is meeting his girlfriend Amy's (Lily James) family for the first time. They're bloody posh and want to go hunting, but Matt is against it. Will he give into Amy's pushy parents (Jennifer Saunders and Gary Oldman), or will he convince Amy to finally do away with their nefarious family tradition?

    8. Two guys meet at a local family disco and hit it off.

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    Tom (Harry Styles) finds Marcus (Tom Holland) a little worse for wear at a local family disco. Tom helps Marcus sober up and in return, Marcus offers to take him home for a little horizontal dancing.

    9. A couple decides to have company over but they are out of drinks!

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    On their way back from the cinema, Nicole (Emma Thompson) and her husband Connor (Colin Firth) spontaneously decide to have family over, but with the house as dry as a cream cracker and all the shops shut, the couple has to figure out how to cater for all of their boozey relatives in time.

    There you go โ€“ Boxing Day: The Film! Out in cinemas never.

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