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Here Are The Most Incredible Music Videos From The Last 10 Years

Including "Hotline Bling", "Sorry", and everything in between!

Let's face it, the 2010s was a powerhouse decade of music video greatness! So to recap all that good stuff, here are 50 of the best standout videos from some of the music industry's most glittering alumni.

1. Lady Gaga – "Telephone" ft. Beyoncé

Interscope Records / Via

Released: 11 March 2010

Director: Jonas Åkerlund

Views: 335 million

Why it slaps: The constant fashion from every single individual in this video will break your life.

2. Katy Perry – "California Gurls" ft. Snoop Dogg

Capitol Records / Via

Released: 14 June 2010

Director: Matthew Cullen

Views: 494 million

Why it slaps: This was the height of Katy's cotton candy princess aesthetic and the blue hair is just iconic.

3. Kanye West – "POWER"

Roc-A-Fella Records / Via

Released: 5 August 2010

Director: Marco Brambilla

Views: 115 million

Why it slaps: Featuring models galore, the real draw of this video is the super cool way it pans backward to reveal more of the scene, which is cleverly akin to the crazy detailed master paintings of the High Renaissance and Baroque art periods.

4. Adele – "Rolling in the Deep"

XL Recordings / Via

Released: 30 November 2010

Director: Sam Brown

Views: 1.6 billion

Why it slaps: We stan a queen just sitting and looking gorgeous.

5. Katy Perry – "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)"

Capitol Records / Via

Released: 12 June 2011

Director: Marc Klasfeld

Views: 1.1 billion

Why it slaps: It's a fun OTT video featuring Katy as alter ego Kathy Beth Terry, and cameos from Hanson, Darren Criss, Corey Feldman, and Rebecca Black no less!

6. Gotye – "Somebody That I Used To Know" (feat. Kimbra)

Eleven: A Music Company / Via

Released: 5 July 2011

Director: Natasha Pincus

Views: 1.2 billion

Why it slaps: It's super simple but totally captivating. The ultimate breakup song – change my mind.

7. Beyoncé – "Countdown"

Columbia Records / Via

Released: 7 October 2011

Director: Adria Petty

Views: 178 million

Why it slaps: Moving a mile a minute, Beyoncé gives us costume changes, a stunning natural look, and banging '60s style with typical tight Beyoncé precision.

8. Rihanna – "We Found Love" ft. Calvin Harris

Def Jam Recordings / Via

Released: 19 October 2011

Director: Melina Matsoukas

Views: 875 million

Why it slaps: Condemned for its self-destructive themes and racy scenes when it premiered, this video mirrors Rihanna's real-life relationship with ex Chris Brown, which makes the whole thing all the more poignant and unsettling.

9. Lady Gaga – "Marry The Night"

Interscope Records / Via

Released: 2 December 2011

Director: Lady Gaga

Views: 83 million

Why it slaps: Gaga proves she's a triple threat in this compelling video about suffering for your art. Her voiceover is totally magnetic, she wears some incredible outfits (THE HUGE HAT), and there's fire everywhere. What more could you want? "Bam!"

10. M.I.A. – "Bad Girls"

Interscope Records / Via

Released: 2 February 2012

Director: Romain Gavras

Views: 120 million

Why it slaps: Apart from being a baller video, the concept came together in support of the Women To Drive Movement in Saudi Arabia.

11. Of Monsters And Men – "Little Talks"

Republic Records / Via

Released: 2 February 2012

Director: WeWereMonkeys

Views: 277 million

Why it slaps: This cute gothic animation about a ship flying through the sky on an adventure is just the right amount of twee we all need sometimes.

12. Sigur Rós – "Fjögur píanó"

Parlophone Records / Via

Released: 18 June 2012

Director: Alma Har'el

Views: 4.7 million

Why it slaps: This no holds barred video portrays a folie à deux couple with obvious chemistry who are stuck in a cycle of violence and unhappiness. The video moves poetically but is ultimately tragic and, FYI, a little NSFW!

13. P!nk – "Try"

RCA Records / Via

Released: 10 October 2012

Director: Floria Sigismondi

Views: 404 million

Why it slaps: P!nk proves once again that, among many other accolades, she has the strongest core in music.

14. Lana Del Rey – "Ride"

Polydor Records / Via

Released: 12 October 2012

Director: Anthony Mandler

Views: 106 million

Why it slaps: Lana cracks out the poetry and goes hard on her Beatnik aesthetic and it's really quite sensational.

15. Massive Attack, Young Fathers – "Voodoo In My Blood"

Virgin Records / Via

Released: 23 February 2013

Director: Ringan Ledwidge

Views: 17 million

Why it slaps: Inspired by a horror film banned in the UK until 1999, Rosamund Pike acts her ass off in this surrealist video set in a London subway with some serious dystopian vibes.

16. Lorde – "Royals"

Universal Music NZ / Via

Released: 12 May 2013

Director: Joel Kefali

Views: 784 million

Why it slaps: This was the video which exploded Lorde onto the music scene, cementing her unique aesthetic as a sort of white RnB witch. This concept is moreishly simple and totally relatable.

17. Arctic Monkeys – "Do I Wanna Know?"

Domino Recording Co. / Via

Released: 18 June 2013

Director: David Wilson/Blinkink

Views: 923 million

Why it slaps: Totally hypnotising to watch, this video really suits the song and the aesthetic is sick.

18. Miley Cyrus – "Wrecking Ball"

RCA Records / Via

Released: 9 September 2013

Director: Terry Richardson

Views: 1 billion

Why it slaps: Back in 2013, Miley was on a crusade of confusing and shocking fans and critics alike, and swinging nude on a wrecking ball really felt like the apex of that journey. Also, the ALL the memes, amiright?!

19. Kanye West – "Bound 2"

Def Jam Recordings / Via

Released: 19 November 2013

Director: Nick Knight

Views: 73.5 million

Why it slaps: Because it's just too random and memeable to not be a hit! Also, see the version James Franco and Seth Rogen did, which was... something.

20. Iggy Azalea – "Fancy" ft. Charli XCX

Virgin EMI Records / Via

Released: 4 March 2014

Director: Director X

Views: 944 million

Why it slaps: It reminded us that Clueless really is an indomitable piece of culture.

21. Hozier – "Take Me To Church"

Rubyworks Limited / Via

Released: 24 March 2014

Director: Brendan Canty and Conal Thomson

Views: 328 million

Why it slaps: Shot on a budget of just 500 euros, the creators of this video wanted to give a snapshot of the disgusting violent attacks against LGBT people that occur to this day in Russia.

22. Sia – "Chandelier"

Inertia Records / Via

Released: 6 May 2014

Director: Sia and Daniel Askill

Views: 2.1 billion

Why it slaps: This is probably the best example of Sia's incredible songwriting teaming up with Maddie Ziegler's brilliant dance ability.

23. Arcade Fire – "We Exist"

Merge Records / Via

Released: 16 May 2014

Director: David Wilson

Views: 9.4 million

Why it slaps: This video is a heartwarming call-to-arms to all allies of the LGBT+ community. Andrew Garfield plays the character with a lot of depth, and the whole concept provides a lovely message of self-empowerment and equality. Also, the ending was an actual live performance at Coachella!

24. Nicki Minaj – "Anaconda"

Cash Money Records / Via

Released: 19 August 2014

Director: Colin Tilley

Views: 895 million

Why it slaps: Because it's literally slap bang in the centre of the sexy and stupid venn diagram.

25. Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney – "FourFiveSeconds"

Roc Nation Records / Via

Released: 3 February 2015

Director: Inez and Vinoodh

Views: 430 million

Why it slaps: It couldn't be more stripped back and Rihanna looks amazing in it.

26. Florence + The Machine – "What Kind Of Man"

Island Records / Via

Released: 12 February 2015

Director: Vincent Haycock

Views: 24 million

Why it slaps: The first instalment in a music video series that accompanies the band's third album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, this video is a powerful and artistic depiction of a doomed relationship typical of Florence's chaotic, romantic energy.

27. Taylor Swift – "Bad Blood" ft. Kendrick Lamar

Big Machine Records / Via

Released: 17 May 2015

Director: Joseph Kahn

Views: 1.3 billion

Why it slaps: As well as all the drama that surrounded Taylor at this point, this video is iconic for pretty much inventing the term "squad goals".

28. Rihanna – "Bitch Better Have My Money"

Roc Nation Records / Via

Released: 1 July 2015

Director: Rihanna and Megaforce

Views: 146 million

Why it slaps: Based on a true story (the vaguer details, at least) this video features some incredible fashion, casual all-out nudity, and gratuitous slasher scenes, proving RiRi would be incredible in an arthouse horror film.

29. Drake – "Hotline Bling"

Cash Money Records / Via

Released: 19 October 2015

Director: Director X

Views: 1.5 billion

Why it slaps: Drake proves that it's really the most simplistic and memeable music videos that slap hardest.

30. Justin Bieber – "Sorry"

Def Jam Recordings / Via

Released: 22 October 2015

Director: Parris Goebel

Views: 3.2 billion

Why it slaps: The video features an epic routine by dancers and Beliebers from ReQuest and The Royal Family Dance Crews out of The Palace Dance Studio in New Zealand, which is EVERYTHING.

31. David Bowie – "Lazarus"

Columbia Records / Via

Released: 7 January 2016

Director: Johan Renck

Views: 52 million

Why it slaps: Because it was his final goodbye! A music legend and towering influence on pretty much every corner of the industry, Bowie released this video just three days before he died after a long and private battle with cancer.

32. Beyoncé – "Formation"

Melina Matsoukas / Via

Released: 6 February 2016

Director: Melina Matsoukas

Views: 188 million

Why it slaps: A crucial part of the visual album Lemonade, this whole video is a stunning love letter from Queen Bey to African American culture that we can all appreciate and learn from.

33. Luis Fonsi – "Despacito" ft. Daddy Yankee

Universal Music Latino / Via

Released: 12 January 2017

Director: Carlos Pérez

Views: 6.5 billion

Why it slaps: I mean, it's the most viewed video on YouTube ever.

34. Kendrick Lamar – "HUMBLE."

Aftermath/Interscope Records / Via

Released: 30 March 2017

Director: Dave Meyers and The Little Homies.

Views: 676 million

Why it slaps: This song makes me want to include the music video in a Buzzfeed round-up.

35. Harry Styles – "Sign of the Times"

Columbia Records / Via

Released: 8 May 2017

Director: Yoann Lemoine

Views: 560 million

Why it slaps: Shot on location in the rural Isle of Skye in Scotland, Harry demonstrates the messianic powers we all knew he had including flying, walking on water, and creating whirlpools!

36. Selena Gomez – "Bad Liar"

Interscope Records / Via

Released: 14 June 2017

Director: Jesse Peretz

Views: 296 million

Why it slaps: Selena plays every part and there's a gay reveal!

37. Charli XCX – "Boys"

Asylum Records/Atlantic Records / Via

Released: 26 July 2017

Director: Charli XCX and Sarah McColgan

Views: 114 million

Why it slaps: It's more thirst-quenching than an ice cold water in the scorching desert.

38. Logic – "1-800-273-8255" ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid

Def Jam Recordings / Via

Released: 17 August 2017

Director: Andy Hines

Views: 357 million

Why it slaps: It's powerful and practical – 1-800-273-8255 is the number for the American National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

39. Taylor Swift – "Look What You Made Me Do"

Big Machine Records / Via

Released: 27 August 2017

Director: Joseph Kahn

Views: 1.1 billion

Why it slaps: Taylor capitalised on all the swirling drama around her in this campy anthology video full of fun easter eggs for all the Swifties!

40. Björk – "The Gate"

One Little Indian Records / Via

Released: 20 September 2017

Director: Andrew Thomas Huang

Views: 3.2 million

Why it slaps: The creativity behind this video is next-level! Possibly filmed on her home planet, Björk is seen twisting and turning into some alien origami goddess. It's such a sleek video my wig about flew into another dimension!

41. Camila Cabello – "Havana" ft. Young Thug

Epic Records / Via

Released: 24 October 2017

Director: Dave Meyers

Views: 835 million

Why it slaps: We were all rooting for Camila and she absolutely brought it home with a sexy story including the "internet's ex-boyf", Noah Centineo!

42. BTS (방탄소년단) – "MIC Drop" (Steve Aoki Remix)

BigHit Entertainment / Via

Released: 24 November 2017

Director: Woogie Kim

Views: 580 million

Why it slaps: Just... the boys ALL TOGETHER and the DANCING.

43. Drake – "God's Plan"

Cash Money Records / Via

Released: 16 February 2018

Director: Karena Evans

Views: 1 billion

Why it slaps: Because Drake and his team gave away the entire budget of the video ($996, 631.90) to random Florida residents who needed it.

44. Céline Dion – "Ashes"

Columbia Records / Via

Released: 3 May 2018

Director: David Leitch

Views: 73 million

Why it slaps: It's as absurdly exquisite as it is exquisitely absurd.

45. Childish Gambino – "This Is America"

RCA Records / Via

Released: 5 May 2018

Director: Hiro Murai

Views: 612 million

Why it slaps: Not only is this video infused with a multitude of important cultural and historical references, it goes in on America's race problem and its relationship with guns in what is surely one of the arresting music video sequences ever.

46. Ariana Grande – "God is a Woman"

Republic Records / Via

Released: 13 July 2018

Director: Dave Meyers

Views: 252 million

Why it slaps: Heresy suits Ariana in this awesome video that blends frankly bizarre imagery with pretty cool religious symbolism.

47. Marshmello ft. Bastille – "Happier"

Astralwerks / Via

Released: 24 September 2018

Director: Mercedes Bryce Morgan

Views: 425 million

Why it slaps: This one's for all the dog lovers out there!

48. Billie Eilish – "when the party's over"

Darkroom/Interscope Records / Via

Released: 25 October 2018

Director: Carlos López Estrada

Views: 396 million

Why it slaps: This simple and minimalist video says so much without Billie even needing to get out of her seat! Perhaps a visual metaphor for fame and excess, the enduring image of Billie's black tears has already become iconic.

49. Ariana Grande – "thank u, next"

Republic Records / Via

Released: 30 November 2018

Director: Hannah Lux Davis

Views: 443 million

Why it slaps: Ariana pays tribute to some of the best chick flicks in the game. Also, Kris Jenner saying "thank you next, bitch!"

50. Jonas Brothers – "Sucker"

Republic Records / Via

Released: 1 March 2019

Director: Anthony Mandler

Views: 227 million

Why it slaps: There's nothing like combining your clout with that of all of your wives to form one super group! Also, everything Sophie Turner does in the video.

Are there any I missed? Let me know in the comments!