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    The Reboot Of "The Fresh Prince" Is Very Different From The Original – Here Are 23 Of The Biggest Changes

    Uncle Phil has gone from daddy to ~zaddy~.

    Bel-Air has finally dropped on Peacock (US) and Sky/NOW (UK), and honestly, we think it's pretty great!

    Jabari Banks as Will Smith in Bel-Air wears a school uniform with a baseball cap sideways and headphones

    A LOT has changed in this reboot, which came about after a viral trailer for a more ~dramatic~ version of The Fresh Prince was released by filmmaker Morgan Cooper.

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    The trailer caught the eye of Will Smith himself, who met with Morgan to develop a modern revision of the classic NBC sitcom. Cut to September 2020, when Peacock ordered two seasons of the show to be made by Universal Television and Will and Jada's production company, Westbrook Inc.

    Many adaptations to the series will have been immediately obvious from the trailer, but having recently binged the first three episodes ourselves, we thought we'd break down ALL of the biggest changes we noticed as fans of the original show!

    1. First off, the overall tone has shifted considerably from laugh-a-minute to serious teen drama.

    2. And we get to see a little bit of Will's life in Philadelphia before he leaves for Bel-Air.

    xx as Viola and Jabari Banks as Will crossing the street smiling to each other

    3. While the events that led to his move are familiar, the stakes are way higher.

    Jabari Banks as Will Smith firing a gun into the air

    4. The episodes are much longer, which means we get to understand the characters and the plot-lines in greater depth.

    Jabari Banks as Will Smith and Adrian Holmes as Uncle Phil stood on basketball

    5. The opening credits are hella different.

    6. We get to see a lot more of the Banks' Bel-Air mansion...

    Jabari Banks as Will Smith standing in a huge double bedroom

    7. ...Which is fancy AF!

    xx as Jeffery opening the doors to the enormous hallway of the Bel-Air mansion

    8. The cinematography has been elevated to the next level.

    9. Geoffrey has way more of an edge, but he's still a Brit!

    xx as Geoffrey stood in a large living room looking impatient

    10. Aunt Viv is just as amazing, but this time round she's an artist.

    xx as Aunt Viv cheersing a champagne class

    11. Hilary is a little warmer and less one-dimensional...

    Coco Jones as Hilary Banks taking a selfie

    12. ...And fashion isn't her only forte.

    Coco Jones as Hilary Banks serving food

    13. And the character of Carlton is VERY different.

    Olly Sholotan as Carlton Banks doing lines of drugs

    14. In fact, Will's relationship with Carlton is WAY more antagonistic than in The Fresh Prince.

    Olly Sholotan as Carlton Banks and Jabari Banks as Will Smith standing in a school library

    15. Also, Ashley is sort of just there.

    Akira Akbar as Ashley Banks  smiling

    16. Uncle Phil is more zaddy than daddy.

    Adrian Holmes as Uncle Phil smiling

    17. And he's running for DA.

    Akira Akbar as Ashley Banks, Olly Sholotan as Carlton Banks and Adrian Holmes as Uncle Phil making a speech

    18. Surprisingly, Jazz is pretty wise.

    Jabari Banks as Will Smith sat in the back of a car driven by  XX as Jazz

    19. There's no to time wasted when it comes to showing the ugly side of the LA elite.

    Jabari Banks looking at his white classmates, and Olly Sholotan as Carlton Banks in the school lockerroom

    20. And this affects how Will fits in at school.

    The school assembly

    21. We meet Lisa straight away.

    Simone Joy Jones as Lisa smiling at someone off camera

    22. And she and Carlton have a history together.

    Simone Joy Jones as Lisa looking at Olly Sholotan as Carlton Banks

    23. And, of course, there is obviously wayyy less of '90s influence on the style and aesthetic.

    Jabari Banks as Will Smith in Bel-Air wears an orange bomber jacket and jeans whereas Will Smith in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air wears a brightly coloured shellsuit

    What are your opinions of Bel-Air so far? Let us know in the comments!

    Bel-Air is now streaming on Peacock and exclusively on Sky/NOW every Friday.