17 Actors Who Turned Their Backs On The Role That Made Them Famous, And Their Reasons For Doing So

    "If I wasn't in them I would love these movies".

    A star can rise in different ways, but sometimes it only really takes one role for an actor to break out. It can seem like a great thing from the outside, but what happens if the movie or show that made you a success is actually one you can't stand?

    Here are 17 actors who became famous because of a particular role, only for them to later regret, disdain, or just want to distance themselves from it.

    1. Regé-Jean PageBridgerton

    2. Robert PattinsonTwilight

    3. Katherine Heigl – Knocked Up

    4. Miles Teller – Divergent

    5. Taylor Lautner – Twilight

    6. Zac Efron – High School Musical

    7. Megan Fox – Transformers

    8. John Boyega – the Star Wars sequel trilogy

    9. Kate Winslet – Titanic

    10. Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    11. Jamie Dornan – 50 Shades of Grey

    12. Miley Cyrus – Hannah Montana

    13. Blake Lively – Gossip Girl

    14. Sean Connery – the James Bond movies

    15. Idris Elba – The Wire

    16. Angus T. Jones – Two and a Half Men

    17. Jennifer Lawrence – The Hunger Games movies

    Did any of these surprise you? Did we miss anyone out? Let us know in the comments below!