"A state-run narrative dominates the public psyche, and while many do not believe it, a large majority of the population falls victim to this false narrative."

Salvador Hernandez • 23 hours ago

Prosecutors allege the driver also took the woman’s phone, left her on the side of a highway, and still charged her more than $1,000 for the ride.

Salvador Hernandez • 2 days ago

The woman blocked his way into the building and the elevator, and later called 911 after she followed him to his unit.

Salvador Hernandez • 3 days ago

WWE was already facing criticism of its all-male cast for Crown Jewel, but the disappearance of a journalist has only increased public outcry.

Salvador Hernandez • 6 days ago

Paul Rosenfeld allegedly planned the Election Day bombing to draw attention to the political ideology of "sortition."

Salvador Hernandez • 8 days ago

The friends thought it was part of an act when a thin man wearing makeup walked up to them, handed one of them a knife, and said, "Well, here, stab him."

Salvador Hernandez • 8 days ago

The president is searching for a replacement for Nikki Haley, who announced she'll be leaving the job soon, but Ivanka later poured cold water on speculation that she would take the spot.

Salvador Hernandez • 9 days ago

Shahed Hussain was accused of being involved in a scam to sell fraudulent IDs but did not serve time because he gave federal investigators "substantial assistance."

Salvador Hernandez • 9 days ago

“He violated our policy so he’s no longer with us,” Noel Sederstrom, news director for KTTC, told BuzzFeed News.

Salvador Hernandez • 13 days ago

"I was very emotional last Thursday, more so than I have ever been," he wrote.

Salvador Hernandez • 14 days ago

"It felt good to see someone who was born here defend us that way," one of the women said.

Blake Montgomery • 14 days ago

Despite assurances that undocumented immigrants would not be detained at shelters or while evacuating, some did not want to take the risk.

Salvador Hernandez • 15 days ago

William Clyde Allen III, who served in the Navy, was arrested by FBI agents at his home Wednesday.

Salvador Hernandez • 15 days ago

Envelopes containing the substance were also addressed to Defense Secretary James Mattis and Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson.

Salvador Hernandez • 16 days ago

The owner of the farm they worked on reportedly told county officials the workers "had everything they needed."

Salvador Hernandez • 17 days ago

“Nobody is worried about us.”

Salvador Hernandez • 20 days ago

"I'm so thankful that I got out okay but jumping out of a moving car window and running for help has to be the scariest thing I've ever gone thru."

Salvador Hernandez • 28 days ago

“His actions do not reflect those of the United States Coast Guard.”

Salvador Hernandez • One month ago

"She did appalling things while I was in captivity. I know the depth of her depravity, and I think the community should be educated on it."

Salvador Hernandez • One month ago

The US government for the first time tried to explain how so much water was left exposed to the elements for months in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Talal Ansari • One month ago